In 6 days it will be a year ago today we had the first snow storm of the season.  I remember because it was our “celebratory week”.  (The Boy’s birthday, our anniversary, and Josh’s birthday – all 3 are back to back on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of October).  Plus I blogged a bit about it here.

Mother Nature decided to be a week early this time.  I said it was snowing yesterday didn’t I?  It didn’t stop.


About 6″ to 8″ of heavy wet snow accumulated over night.  It was just a dusting when I took off for tap class last night.  3 hours later on the ride home it was sticking to the ground.  This was the veiw from the dining room this morning.

All that wet, wet, wet snow, all that snow knocked the power out.  I’ve heard ours went down about 1:30 this morning.  We noticed at 4:30 when one of the phones started beeping.  It came on for about 15 minutes around 7:15, but went right back out.


View out the french doors.

The power was still out in most of town at 10 am this morning.  Still no power up here at work but we have a generator to keep us up and running.  And since there’s no power there’s no daycare, so the boy is hanging out here with me today.

Guess I know what I’m getting for my anniversary this year…a back-up generator.

Hope you’re all enjoying a sunnier warmer Monday than we are.