I’ve been called a big fat liar.  By my husband of all people.  Because I said I’d give you some more photos on Thursday and yet…I’ve done nothing.  Sorry ’bout that.  Nevermind that HE also has author privileges in this little space.  When was the last time you saw anything posted by him?  Oh that’s right, quarter past never.

So last we spoke, it was the week of Josh’s company’s convention.  It was the shortest ever, but still involved 4 nights of dinner/activities.


The Boy and two of the other kiddos enjoyed playing around on the old firetruck one evening.  The biggest challenge with the “new” schedule was the addition of a bit of business during the dinner events.  Not a challenge for most of the attendees, but those of us with kids in tow were getting pretty creative by the end to keep them quiet during the speeches.

Last weekend was the start of the Buffalo Roundup.  Saturday was advertised as “kid’s day” so we decided to take the Boy and my mom.


We did some stamping.


And the Boy got a tattoo – a frog.  It only lasted for a day.

There was also stick-horse races and a buffalo chip tossing contest (toss the buffalo-pies into the toilet from x distance depending on how old you are).  But the Boy wasn’t interested.  I’m sure it didn’t help it was right about nap time.  But really, the event was much more about the craft show than the kids so we opted to get back in the car and continue on down the road.  The idea was to go find a picnic area and enjoy lunch.

But we apparently had passed all the good (and open) picnic areas on the way there.  We ended up back by Rushmore at Breezy Point.  We had a yummy lunch of sandwiches, grapes, coleslaw, chips, and lime squares for desert.  Then the Boy insisted on a game of hide and go seek.


There were plenty of rocks to hide behind and climb on.  And for someone to take pictures…


Later that night Josh kept up his efforts to teach the Boy to whistle.


This image looks a bit “foggy”, but that’s because we were enjoying a fire.


Last week was my big audit, and another busy week in general.  Tuesday we went out for dinner with the auditor.  Wednesday a group from work attended Wacky Wednesday to see our good friend perform the Narrator in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Big City Community Theater (it was awesome).

Thursday…it snowed.  Seriously.  It didn’t stick, but we had flurries all morning long.  Thursday evening Josh again reffed a Jr. High football game.  The Boy and I spent most of the game in the car keeping warm (it snowed again).  Friday we had friends over for dinner, including 8 kids.  The kiddo’s weren’t big fans of the Mexican Lasagna, but the adults ate plenty to make up for it.

Yesterday was another reffing day in the morning.  Early afternoon we went to the Big City for the first annual Pumpkin Festival.   Lots of ginormous pumpkins (the winner being 723 pounds).  A costume parade (we didn’t participate), and the highlight of the Boy’s day: the Tractor Parade.  And for the first time in I don’t know how long I forgot my camera.  So no photos.  I’d stuck it in the pocket of my winter coat during the football game.  Then forgot it was there and not back in my purse.

Of course it’s *that* time of year.  Every Sunday has been consumed by this:


(Hey coach, what’s up?  How are the Raider’s doing this week?  The Boy can tell you this is his “Eddie!Eddie!Eddie!” jersey)

It’s Football Sunday.  Whether anyone joins us or not, we start the festivities about 9 am with the pre-game shows and it doesn’t end until the night game is over.  Of course the afternoon is mostly focused on the Broncos.  Before our friends started having kids we used to have Football Sunday every week, varying between a couple houses.  In the last 5 years it’s been non-existent.  But we’ve revived the tradition at least with a few friends this year.  No other kids have come along so far, but the Boy is fine with that.  He enjoys all the attention.

And now, it’s snowing again.  Like crazy.  I’ll take a photo for you, but I don’t have the cord to download the photos.  So maybe I’ll post it for you…tomorrow.  Right now, I better get back to the bushels of apples I need to turn into applesauce and cinnamon apples.

Oh, one more photo for you.  The Boy took this one of the kitchen.  He’s really into my camera lately.  Especially making it flash.


(Do you like the mum pumpkin?  It was a centerpiece from the Conference.  I love it.)