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I’ve been a bit absent lately.  Mostly just trying to polish off a bunch of work before I started my maternity leave.  I think I got everything done before I left Wednesday afternoon.  At least everything I could.

Turns out that was just in time.


Meet the Girl.  She arrived 5 days early on October 22nd at 8:34 a.m.  She wieghed in at 7lbs 12 oz.  and 20+1/4 inches long.

We’ll be in the hospital probably until this afternoon.  Normally I’d take advantage of the room service, babysitting, and crappy food and stay until they kicked me out.  However with the flu “epidemic” running around they aren’t letting anyone but immediate family and NO ONE under 12 visit.  That means the Boy has not met her yet.  And he is not happy about it.

Once we get home and settled in I’ll take a few photos with the two of them.  I can only imagine the trouble brewing over the next 20 years…

Yesterday started our celebratory 3 days.  (I have a doc appointment today.  I wonder if I can convince her to induce on Wednesday and make it 4 days…)

The Boy is now 3.  And very proud of that fact.  We started the celebration on Saturday with a kid party.  The Boy has a friend who’s birthday is 2 weeks after his, so we combined our efforts and celebrated together.  Unfortunately a number of our friends couldn’t make it due to the evil sickness that seems to be going around.  While disappointing, 8 kids was enough, and really I’d rather the others stayed home than give the bug to us.

Since both boys are aaalllll boy, we opted for a football “theme” (really, they’re turning 3.  A theme at this age is basically what kinda table cloth and cake you’re going to have.  They don’t need (or want) much more than that.)  However, since one is a Vikings fan and the other a Broncos fan, we went with generic football and the local HS team.


I made two small football cakes and a bunch of cupcakes frosted green.  The Boy refused eat anything with frosting on it.  I swear he must have been switched at birth.  In my day the frosting is all I wanted (alright, still is).  Of course we served a great dinner before stuffing the kids full of sugar – brats, hot dogs, chili fries, and nachos.  It was a football party after all!

We had a great time and the kids had a blast.  A few were not very happy when it finally came time to go home.  But we’ll be getting together again soon.

Yesterday Josh’s parents, sister Amy and her boyfriend Matt, and my mom all came over.  Since someone wouldn’t eat his football cake the first go ’round, I just pulled the sucker back out of the fridge for round #2.  He still wouldn’t eat it.

I think this was the biggest hit for birthday presents:


A shiny new Denver Broncos helmet and uniform.  He wore the pants all day and carried the helmet around most of the time.  The shirt is a bit too big and has shoulder pads, so that was given a pass for the day.  We’re hoping this replaces the soccer ball Easter basket as his “official” helmet, but he was switching them on and off all day.


We had a great day with yummy lasagna and garlic bread.  And to top it all off the Broncos managed to pull out a win against the Pats (in overtime!), so all the more celebration.

Today is our 7 year anniversary.  To celebrate, a good friend is coming up this afternoon to do a maternity shoot for us.  I’m soooo looking forward to it.  He did a shoot for me when I was pregnant with the Boy and I love the results.  It’s so fun to look back at the pictures.  Unfortunately Danny moved to L.A. last year, so I didn’t think we’d get a chance to do this one.  But luckily for me his sister got married on Saturday so I begged him to come visit the new place and squeeze me in.  Don’t worry – no Demi Moore shots.

Tomorrow is Josh’s birthday.  To celebrate that I’m taking the Boy in for his 3 year check-up (including a flu shot) and Josh gets to ref a Jr High football game in the bitter cold.  Um, happy birthday?  I guess when you get that old you don’t get much of a party anymore…

Oh!  And happy Columbus Day to those of you in the other 49 states.  Here in South Dakota it’s Native American Day.  (I wish I were kidding.)  And if there are any Canucks stopping by Happy Thanksgiving to you, eh!

We seem to have picked up a few nosy neighbors since the snow arrived.

While kicking back on the couch Tuesday evening, a nose suddenly appeared between the rails of the back deck.


I guess what with all the snow on Monday a few folks decided to be lazy about looking for dinner.  Near the house the snow was pretty sparse allowing much easier access to the few tufts of grass (eh, weeds) than rooting through six or eight inches of snow.


Soon enough another lazy fellow moved in, although not quite as close as the spike.  We watched them out the windows for awhile.  The Boy would tap on the window to get their attention.  The spike would stare at us for a minute then go back to dinner.  The bigger guy wouldn’t acknowledge our presence.  Unfortunately the light was fading fast, but turning on the porch lights didn’t scare them away (it also didn’t provide enough light for decent photos).  They finally took off when I opened the patio doors to try to get a shot with the flash.  Not when I unlocked the door (click), or pushed the handle down (ka-thunk), but when I actually opened the door (barely audible woosh).  Figures.

And so we had to be entertained by our own wild life.