Hey folks,

It’s been crazy around here the last week and a bit.  First with Josh’s conference.  And then I had my major external audit at work this week.  Since it was a recertification (ISO 14001) audit, it took some extra prep time and time with the auditor.

But I’m happy to report we passed with flying colors.  Life can now return to normal.  Or as normal as it gets.

I had said once the audit was finished the kid could show up any day.  But now I find out my doctor is out of town until October 9.  So yeah…gonna have to be patient kid.

(No I’m not really in *that* big of a hurry.  But I am reaching the “okay, this is getting old” phase.  Especially in the middle of the night when it takes 10 minutes just to roll over and my hips are killing me.)

I have a bunch of pictures fro you, but no time today to put a post together.  So I’ll leave you with this until tomorrow: