It’s Super Boy!


We had quite a bit of fun Saturday night following bath time.  I think he spent nearly 20 minutes running around like this declaring he was Superman.

And here’s a shot from Friday night:


Josh did a great job announcing, although there was a bit of an issue being able to hear him if you weren’t between the 30 yard lines.  Unfortunately our team didn’t win that night, although they made a heck of an attempt at a late game come back.

Oh yeah, the carnival?  Ugh.  It was a great set up of blown up bouncy things: two or three jumpers, two huge slides, and a couple maze/slide combo things.  Unfortunately, the Boy wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of it.  He tells me next year when he’s a big boy he’s going on all of it.  Uh-huh.  I think there may have just been too many crazy kids running around freaking him out.  Even multiple friends from daycare couldn’t convince him to take his shoes off and have at it.  So we only lasted about 20 minutes before I said let’s go.  Sorry, but it was dang hot out and it was on the football field (no shade).  I wasn’t standing around baking for 2 hours until the game started.

Today kicks off the annual convention for Josh’s company.  Day 1 is golf and spa day.  Bummer for the boys it’s cold and rainy.  But you better believe I’m going to be enjoying the free manicure, pedicure, and massage!  (I’m fortunate that the place they take us to has a gal that is fabulous at prenatal massage.  I went when I was preggo with the Boy.  *Heaven*)