Hello again friends.  No house photos this time around.  In fact I’ll warn you up front:  This next photo is not for the bug-phobic.  Specifically those with spider issues…

Wednesday evening the Boy and I again ventured out onto the trail for a bit of a walk/bike ride.  Someone was begging to go, but then decided a short bit in that he did not want to ride his bike.  Or wear his helmet anymore.  So guess who gets to haul all that crap back to the house?  You betcha, eh.

*Here starts the buggy part…close your eyes and scroll down a page if you just can’t stand it.*

To start off our less than stellar adventure, we found this guy:


I told you this post wasn’t for the squeamish.  And yes, this photo looks a bit…sci-fi.  But I turned the background black and white (probably too much so) so you could see the amazing colors on this guy.  I’m pretty sure (based on this) that he’s a Shamrock Spider.  I’m also pretty sure he’s a he because according to my quick 15 minute web search the females have much larger bloated abdomens.  Poor gals.  Shamrock Spiders are completely harmless orb weaver garden spiders, although I had to convince the Boy not to run this guy over with his bike.  Let him live to go catch some of the icky bugs.  Plus he was headed across the trail away from our house.  So no chance of stumbling upon him in the middle of the night.  Oh, for reference, he was about the size of a half dollar with his legs.

(Maybe I need to add a “Wild Kingdom” Category to the blog…)

*Here ends the creepy crawly part of the post.*

The Boys did have a bit of fun Wednesday night.


Someone enjoys making a ladder or slide out of the cushion that normally covers his toy box.  He’d gladly do this for hours if we let him.  It’s also a great workout for whoever has to be the “slide assistant”, which is why he doesn’t get to do this for hours.


The Boy also figured out how to use the camera.  Most of the shots were of a random blurry arm or leg, the floor, the couch, the ceiling…But he did manage one decent one of Sophie.  I think she was a bit sick of the flash. (Reason #5067 why I need a new camera:  so I can take photos of the boy trying to take photos.)

Yesterday kicked off a 4 day football marathon for us.  For the last couple years Josh has reffed the local Junior High games.


Are you guys reffing or just goofing off? (Ry-guy, Blake, Woody, and Josh)

Mom, the Boy, and I went over to watch the action.  One of the Boy’s friends from daycare was there to watch his older brother.  This photo captures the 2.6 milliseconds the two spent actually sitting down watching the game:


They look so innocent.  And polite.  And quiet.  Shortly thereafter they were off again, racing each other up and down the track and climbing all over the bleachers.

This week is Homecoming here in our Small Town.  The school is having a carnival for the little tykes this afternoon, so we’ll be taking the Boy over for some fun.  Then tonight is the Homecoming football game.  Josh will be announcing the game – a first for him.  So if you’re in the area, stop on by and say hi.  Tomorrow is another Junior High game in the morning.  And of course Sunday is week #2 of Football Sundays.  I’m hoping the weather cools off a bit for the weekend.  I really want to make our traditional french onion soup and french dips.  But if it’s hot that’s not a lot of fun.

So what’s everybody else up to this weekend?  Anything fun and exciting?