Yesterday I lamented the rainy cold weather we had all weekend.  *sigh* If only it had stayed that way.  Well, maybe not the rainy part, but at least the cooler weather.  Because now it’s back in the 80s and looks to stay that way all week.  Yuck.  I don’t care if the humidity is nearly existant (normally…not yesterday after all that rain!) 75 is my peak warm weather ideal temp.  And it’s the middle of September already.

And I also promised you photos of the Boy’s room:


This was the only tragedy of the move.  This poster hung above the Boy’s crib/bed until we moved.  It is not an expensive frame, but one of those cheapo jobs from Hobby Lobby.  The poster is a little small for the frame; luckily the frame backing was black.  A little double stick tape and wa-la!  However, while moving in, we laid all the framed pieces out on the dining room floor, hoping to prevent them from falling over and smashing.  Worked like a charm for a while (define:  too long).  Then one night as I was moving pieces to the appropriate rooms…the Boy decided to stand on this one.  *CRACK*  The glass shattered.  I freaked.  The Boy freaked (only because I freaked).  I grab him and run to the sink to see how bad the damage is.  Bah.  One little knick.  Hardly any blood.  I cleaned up the mess of glass and hung this sucker in his room anyway.  I’ll get some replacement glass eventually…when I can find it on sale for less than I actually paid for the whole frame.  (Hello?  Michael’s?  A 24″ x 36″ piece of glass does.not.cost $50.  I’ve worked in the art biz.  You people are nuts.)

And that’s all you’re getting on the Boy’s room today.  Because something is wonky with my camera and the other pictures turned out blurry.  I checked the lens and there’s nothing on it.  I checked the settings and they all appear to be where they should be.  So either there’s a ghost in his room messing up my attempts or I need to drop it a few more times.  Because that ought to fix it, eh?

Since the weather was so nice, the Boy and I did have a bit of fun.


See what I mean?  A bit blurry.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some good background bokeh.  But I’d prefer if my kid were actually in focus.  It also appears this is a distance only affect:


He looks so cute and innocent, doesn’t he?  Yeah.  He was throwing rocks at me.  The Booger.


Fall is coming.  The aspen trees have started to turn yellow.


Hope you guys had a relaxing night enjoying the Monday Night Football double feature.  Too bad neither of the teams I was pulling for won.  I’ll try some photos of the Boy’s room again tonite after we have dinner at my mom’s house.  If they come out blurry again I’m calling GhostBusters.