You’re going to have to bear with me here.  Consider this post example #1 why I need a new camera*.

You know we’re having a party this weekend, right?  You’re all coming, right?  As is our typical luck, the weather is totally cooperating with our plans.  *sarcasm*  Temps, which have been in the upper 70s, are expected to be only low 60’s on Saturday.  It would appear the front, or whatever it is that’s causing the drop, moved in last night.  When Josh went to get in the shower this morning, he popped back into the bedroom to tell me we’d had a really hard frost last night.


This would be the roof outside our bedroom window.  Please note the dark color near the house and the frosty white at the edge.  This isn’t the first frost we’ve had, but it’s the first really hard one.

I’d been intending to snap a few photos of the property to show you all the hard work Josh has been up to getting ready for the party.  So when I stepped out of the shower, I took a glance out the window to see if the frost was still there.  (The sun was starting to peak over the trees.)  Imagine my surprise when I saw this instead:


Oh fine,I didn’t really see this.  I saw a couple strange blurs moving in the freshly mowed area.  Then I grabbed my glasses.  And realized it was three deer.  I looked closer and discovered three bucks!  Then I ran downstairs to grab my camera before they took off. (Side note:  see the nicely mowed area?  That’s Josh’s hard work.  There’s more over to the left, but I didn’t photo that this morning.  Manana.  This area is where we’re planning to put in the firepit.  The dense bushy areas are around the creek.)

Anyway, these three fellows were taking turns butting antlers and chomping on the frosty mown grass.


I took these photos out of our bathroom window.  The screen was in the way.  And it really wanted me to use a flash.  I wasn’t willing to risk scaring them off (or the glare off the glass, duh).  The only other option was to try running downstairs and out onto the porch.  And while we do live “in the country” that trail can be heavily used in the mornings.  And it was dang cold (31 according to our thermometer 30 minutes later).  And I just had on my robe for pete’s sake.  So you’re stuck with crappy pictures.

The first guy wandered over the trail while I was trying to zoom in and get the camera to focus on the damn deer and not the screen (or the schmutz on my window.  Note to self: be sure to clean windows before Saturday).  I believe he is the one we keep seeing down by the creek.  The Boy and I startled him while picking flowers one day (no I didn’t have my camera), Josh startled him while mowing, and the Boy and I saw him up close and personal while coming home one evening (camera tucked safely away in my bag).  He was standing in the lower meadow having dinner not 5 feet from the road.  He gave us a funny look and then took off.  That viewing afforded me the opportunity to label him an 8 pointer (or a 4×4 ’round these parts).


This guy looks like he’s only got 6.  Poor fellow.  He’s the “runt”.  Cuz this guy?


I’m pretty sure he’s the equivalent of a Black Hills “turdy pointer”.  Looks like 10 to me (or 5×5).  Bucks ’round these parts just don’t grow huge like they do back in the true midwest.  There are no plentiful cornfields to feed on.  The pickings are mostly scrub grass and whatever flowers or gardens they can find unprotected.

What’s that?  You’ve never heard of “da turdy point buck”?  Then you must listen.  Don’t fret.  It only takes a few days to get the song out of your head.  This song is a staple of hunting season for me.  Uh, not that I’m a hunter.  I was first introduced to it while up at “da Tech“, and holy heck some folk really do talk like dat up dere.  But it makes me laugh.  And whenever I see a big ol’ buck, I can’t help but think of that song.

Meanwhile, we had one other wildlife spotting over the weekend:


It would seem I married a crazy horse.

That cutey behind the Boy belongs to a couple of Josh’s friends from college who were in the area and came over to visit on Saturday evening.  We hadn’t seen them in what seems like forever.  The kids had a blast playing with each other and the four of us had a great evening catching up.  Hopefully it won’t be another 5 years before we see them again!

*Yes dear, I know I will not be getting a new camera any time soon.  That doesn’t mean I can’t wish.  And dream.  And make a long list of all the reasons I should get one.