I know I’ve promised all y’all photos of the finished rooms of the house.  I plan to keep that promise.  Just not yet.

Seriously.  You know we’re having a party in a couple weeks.  The house will be in tip-top shape and I’ll take photos then.  There are just too many little undone things irking me to do it yet.

For those who’ve asked, yes I plan to continue this blog in my sporadic, wacky, random way.  I figure come November I’ll have plenty of fodder.  And time.  And internet!  We finally took the splurge and had service hooked up at the house.  Duh.  It’s football season.  Someone must make constant checks on their fantasy team!

And so…


This weekend we made it a point to go have some fun.  Friday night was spent with friends at the campground.  Including a bit of ATV rides.


These exciting rides consisted of strapping the kids in and driving from the cabins where these two were staying down to the RV where the other half of the crowd was staying.  (We opted not to stay the night.)  These three and one other all had their strider bikes to terrorize any other folks unlucky enough to get a site near us.


We also took a trip (kids on bikes, most grown-ups walking) to see some fabulous local entertainment.  (Recognize that guy on the right?  He’s done a lot of work on the house…)  We took the ATV back to the RV site after being shushed by another audience member.  I’d blame it on the kids, but they’d already left.  Oops.

And of course, no “camping” trip is complete without some quality time spent in the firelight.


Up next…the rest of the weekend!