Did you think I’d forgotten?  Or that I was still buried in boxes…


Well, there’s one room we’ve managed to unpack and finish the mini-projects.  (Oh, and hi there Sophie.  You are not camera shy, are you?)


I need to get that poster framed.  I bought it in…2005?  I think?  I do know I bought it while in Reno, NV at the National KOA Convention.  Might have been 2003. *shrug*  We bought a bunch of posters while there, but I have yet to get more than 1 framed.  Oops, that’s not quite true.  There’s at least 1 more I framed that’s hanging in Josh’s office.  Anyway…  The problem with this particular poster is, well, that it’s HUGE.  Like 5′ by 3′ I think.  That ain’t cheap.  And they don’t make kit frames that big, so it’s going to take a custom job.  One of these days when I’m feeling like I have some spending money back in the bank I’ll take it to Hobby Lobby when they have their half price custom framing sale.  Until then?  Thumbtacks and ugly white border it is.

There are still a few things I’d like to do in this room.  Add a tall cabinet next to the sink for cleaning supplies and to hold things like the mop and broom.  Maybe cabinets above the washer/dryer (although I kind of like not having them up there right now).  That big empty space next to the washer is housing the cats food and water bowls.  I’d like to get a raised or wall mounted stand for those.  But that’s it.  Everything I can think of that should go in this room is there.  And nothing that shouldn’t be.

We’ll see if I can’t knock off another room or two over the weekend…