It was quite a weekend up here in the Hills.  First of all, the weather broke.  Instead of upper 80’s (gasp!  Hot!)  it was cold and rainy.  I’m okay with that however.  Really.

I took a vacation day Friday to work on putting more stuff away.  Wednesday I was asked to take on our internal audit in Zion at the end of August.  It’s a short one, and normally I’d be thrilled.  I love Zion.  And the people are awesome.  But dude…house.  Travel.  El Preggo.  Plate doth overfloweth.  So of course I said no problem.  I’ll fly out on Monday the 24th and be back on the night of the 26th, so nothing major.  But seeing as how it’s 3 more days I’ll be gone, I opted to take a vacation day.  And I accomplished a great deal!

Friday night Josh and I went to see District 9 while Grandma P babysat the Boy.  Luckily for her the weather broke shortly thereafter.  (The movie was great by the way.  I highly recommend it.)

Saturday was the big Tolf tournament!  I know, what is this, a sports blog all of a sudden? And what?  You’ve never heard of Tolf?  (I’m wondering if I should stick a trademark on that…)  Please, allow me to enlighten you.  First, get yourself some acreage.  About 5 acres is ideal.  It would be nice if it had some trees.  It should definitely have hills.  And lots of natural vegetation.  Then, you make yourself a course.  Think golf, with tee boxes, fairways, rough, and putting greens.  Of course the idea here is not to have perfectly groomed grass.  Lots of weeds.  Natural prairie grass.  Thistle.  Whatever you’ve got.  But the primary difference between tolf and golf is the ball.  Tolf must be played with tennis balls.  Preferrably well used balls (like the kind you can get for free at a tennis club).  You only get one club too.  I’d recommend an iron.  One you don’t want to use for golf ever again.  Then find yourself some friends and have some fun.  (Oh, large amounts of adult beverages also make the game more interesting.)

This game was “invented” by my father-in-law.  We’ve been having annual tournaments for at least 8 years now.  The boys take this very seriously.  This year’s tourney was a bit spoiled by the massive amounts of pouring rain that showed up about 3 pm.  But they gave it their all, even having a playoff round in the rain.


Please meet this year’s wiener, er winner, Mr. Jim Odle.  He happens to be a back-to-back champ now.  He is also tied with Josh for the most wins ever (each has 3).  Oh, and he’s started putting in his own course.  It’s the hot new game in town!

Sunday the boys had some more fun…


Woo-hoo!  A big ol’ mower!  We borrowed this one from the campground of course.  But the grass/weeds/wildflowers were getting a bit tall.  And besides.  We need some room.


Consider this your official invitation.

Oh fine.  For those of you who actually live here, I’ll email you your own.  With the address and such non-blurry.  Picky!

(Don’t know what a Tailgator is?  Consider yourself informed.)