One member of our household appears to be very happy here in its new home…


(At the same time, I don’t like its current home on the counter in the kitchen.  But at the first sight of a flower stalk, I wasn’t going to move it.  Once it’s done blooming I’ll find a new place for it.)

And one more bit from this weekend:  Saturday at the Tolf tournament, the friends who gifted us the tile invited us to help ourselves to their abundant crop:


I’m quite glad the weather is going to stay on the cooler side for a few days.  I have two large cloth sacks full of apples for applesauce and another half bag for pie filling.  Josh’s Mom also gave us some beans from her garden, so I’ll be making dilly beans as well.  And I made refrigerator pickles yesterday with the cukes from the Farmer’s Market.

This is the time of year it’s killing me not to have a garden.  We have a few peppers trying to thrive on the porch, but everything else has been duds.  I may just bring the cukes and pumpkins inside and see if I can make them grow over the winter.