The reason we rushed back from Redfield so quickly, forgoing the party on Friday night, was that last weekend was the big Member-Guest golf tournament at the course where Josh has his membership.

Josh has played in this tournament for, oh, 5 years now?  Maybe 6.  I lost count.  But he always plays with the same old high school buddy.  Some years it pays us back (it’s not a cheap tournament), some years we fund the pot.  But they always have a good time.

Each year the festivities kick off with a mini-tournament followed by a steak dinner and the Calcutta auction.  For those of you not up on your golfing tournament lingo, a calcutta tournament is one where you can bid auction style on the team you think best stands the chance of winning the tournament.  You can buy your own team or buy another.  Heck if you’re like some people, you buy 5 or 6 different teams.  For this tournament if someone else buys your team, you have the “right” to buy back at least a quarter of your team.  (So if you sold for $400, you could buy back $100.)  You can buy more than that if whoever bought you is willing, but they don’t have to sell more than a quarter if they don’t want to.  Can you see how this could potentially be a pricey tournament?  Because there’s also the entry fee…and the tipping of the “ball spotter” kids…and the lunches for the two days of the tourney…and the drinks…and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things.

But really – how many of you came here to learn the finer points of golf tournaments?  *crickets chirp*

My point is this.  With your entry fee you get two free steak dinners on Friday night.  So I’ve always gone because, hey, sorta free food.  And now?  I have this:








You don’t have to tell me how fast the time goes…I’ve got the proof in the pictures from 3 years of golf tournaments.