Some one please tell me I can stay home for awhile.  I love to travel…just maybe not this much all at once.

Wednesday we made the trip over to the east side of the state for my sister-in-laws wedding.  We made it just in time for the rehearsal and the BBQ afterward.  I managed to escape being eaten alive by mosquitoes, but we missed any lightning bugs that may have been around.  We also called it an early night as it was apparent the boy was in need of a good night sleep after 4 days with his cousins.

Thursday morning Josh, his dad, and nephew went golfing.  There were supposed to be about 9 people, but apparently 6 others had too much fun at the BBQ.  Josh *did* get eaten alive on the course.  That’s what he gets for wearing shorts.

Here’s a shot of the happy couple before the nuptials!


I loved the hydrangeas…I wanted to steal a bunch to take home.

And here’s our little trio…


Isn’t the Boy just a total cutey-patootey?  Too bad he wouldn’t smile.  But hey, at least he has his shoes, jacket, and tie on!  For the 2 hours that photos were being taken he was nothing short of a grumpy bear refusing to have anything to do with the three.  And stealing all the pencils from the pews in the church.  In fact he threw a major temper tantrum when I took the pencils away.  (To the church?  I’m sorry – I left them all on the counter at the back of the church.  I just didn’t have time to put them back before the wedding started and then I forgot all about it after the ceremony.)

But, 10 minutes before the ceremony started?  On went the tie, on went the shoes, on went the jacket.  I don’t know what the trick was.  (If I did I’d bottle it and sell it to frustrated parents of toddlers (and teenagers) everywhere.)  He happily walked down the aisle with his cousin, held the ring pillow and all.  For awhile there I was sure it’d never happen.

The reception was fun, what we attended of it.  The Boy spent some time with his namesake.


And we caught up with a number of relatives we only see once a year or so.  It was great to see Josh’s sister and her boyfriend who live in California.  But we didn’t stay long at the reception.  The band was great…but way too loud for us.  Especially with the Boy.  Oy.  A loud band in an echo-y Firehall does not make for happy acoustics.  We danced a few dances to the cd music they played first for the wedding “party” dance and such.  But when the band started…off we went.  We hear it only got louder as the night went on.

Friday we rousted early and drove home.  We thought about stopping back out at the farm to say good-bye to everyone but figured they’d still be asleep.  (We were right.)

It seems we know how to find all the road construction in the State of South Dakota.  But the trip was quick and uneventful and the Boy did wonderful as usual, including a two hour nap.  His only request?  A stop at “Old McDonald’s Farm to get sumtin to eat.”  Seems Grandma stopped at McDonald’s in Pierre (that’s Peeeeeeer for you non-SD folks.  It’s our state capital) on the way to Redfield and let him play on the indoor playground.  As soon as we came into town the Boy knew where we were and demanded the stop.  I fully admit we succumbed – I needed the bathroom break anyway.

As we neared the Hills it looked like a mass exodus.  Sturgis is essentially over and many bikers were headed home.  That’s okay with me.  Bring back the family tourists.  (By the way, did you all hear about Stephen Tyler?  Apparently it’s on YouTube, but I haven’t looked for it yet.  And my only question…was my friend Shaye working the ER that night?!? If so, was he a good patient?)

So we’re happy to be home…but it’s back to unpacking.  *sigh*  No rest for the wicked.