It’s now Saturday, eh?  The big moving day!  The movers were scheduled to show up sometime between 8 and 10 am and that they did, arriving at mom’s house right about 9 am.  There were 4 guys – 1 older guy who was the driver of the truck, and 3 young bucks to haul all the stuff around.  The Boy was quite enamored with the whole thing – the big truck and the big guys.

There was a bit of a hitch however.  (Doesn’t that seem to be the theme with this trip?)  The moving truck arrived already over half full.  Including a Jeep Cherokee or similar type vehicle.  But the guys assured us they’d get the stuff in.

The Boy and I left Mom with the movers.  First we made a stop at a local sweet corn stand and picked up 4 dozen ears of corn.  Because hello?  Illinois sweet corn?  You bet we’re taking a bunch of that home with us.  We then went to my cousin’s house to catch up with an aunt, two cousins, and lots of first cousins once removed (uh, if I remember that correctly.  The Boy’s second cousins.  Right Aunt Edna?).  It was great catching up with all of them.  I’ve been close to this family since I was little and they used to strip me naked and stand me on the diving board of my Uncle’s pool.  I have photographic proof of this.  But I’ll post this one instead:


Same pool.  Same Aunt.  One of the cousins.  (And another cousin I haven’t seen in…years!)  I’m the squirt in the front who looks like she’s about to go under.

One of the only thing I miss about living in Illinois is not being close to these guys and seeing them more often.

So we spent mid-morning hanging out with the crowd.  During the late afternoon we jumped back over to Mom’s house expecting the movers to be nearly finished and planning to help Mom clean up the house.  Uh-huh.  Not quite.  Well, we did do a lot of cleaning.  But the movers weren’t done.  But the truck was about done.


Here’s what the back of the truck looked like.  Most of that stuff is Mom’s.  And we had to remind them they still had some stuff in the house/garage that they hadn’t packed up.  It was ridiculous.  My, uh, what was that?  Oh yeah, first cousin once removed ended up with Mom’s iron patio furniture and the oak kitchen pedestal table.  Because there was no way they were going to fit.  How ridiculous?!?  I mean, Mom’s paying these guys good money to move her stuff from here to there.  They came out and saw before hand just what she had.  And yet, they show up with not enough room and she has to give things away?  Want to know what’s even worse?  The company (a major nationwide moving company) has been completely unsympathetic and uncooperative.  Their first response was that she could have left the stuff and had a second truck pick it up.  Well that’s great, but WHY DIDN’T ANYONE SAY SO?!?  At this point the stuff has been given away (at least it went to family).


But back to the trip…around 7ish we finally said good-bye to Sweetbriar.  The house my Mom had lived in for 37 1/2 years.  That tree on the left there was planted when my brother was born.  The one peaking out at the back of the house was planted when I was born.  We carved our names in the new sidewalk in 1984 (I was 10).  It was a great place to grow up.  But it’s changed a lot in the years since I’ve left.

We went back over to Ceil and Jack’s for the night.  We had a great dinner (including some of that yummy sweet corn) and showed the Boy fireflies before a relatively early bed time.  We also took some time to enjoy Jack’s gorgeous flowers.  (Yes, of course I took pictures of them.)  It was a nice end to a rather crummy day.