Travel Log Part IV

Sunday morning we lazed around Jack and Ceil’s house for a bit in the morning.  Had juice out on the deck and enjoyed the nice weather.  The Boy ran amok.  We’d made plans to meet my brother and his family and an uncle for brunch at a restaurant near where my uncle lives.  So we spent the morning enjoying Jack & Ceil’s company and harassing them to hurry up and make plans to visit us.  We packed up and headed out around 9.

Brunch was delicious.  And a huuuuge spread.  Everything from an omelet station to smoked salmon to biscuits and gravy to scones to fruit and so on and on and on.  But the best part?


The chocolate bar!

The boy and his cousin had quite a ball playing in the big windows that fronted the restaurant.


After we’d terrorized the staff at the restaurant we took the kids out into the sunshine for a bit of fun.  But the restaurant is right on the golf course so we had to watch for speeding golf carts.  It was great to catch up with my Uncle who I hadn’t seen in, well, what seems like forever.  He hadn’t ever met the Boy before that’s how long it’s been.  Since we only go back to Illinois for holidays we were always missing each other as he typically spends holidays in Florida with his daughter and grandkids.

Around 1 we piled in our cars and zipped up the expressway to Oak Park to see more family.  I’m afraid I have no pictures of this.  During the weekend I caught a vicious cold and by the time we reached my aunt’s house I was spent.  So I opted to take a nice 2 hour nap.  In the meantime everyone else went to a local park to play.  When they returned and I roused myself we had a great dinner (including more corn!) and spent plenty of time just chatting.  This is the same aunt who came to visit us just a few weeks ago. Around dark the other half of the traveling team stopped by.  The Boy was very excited to have “his girls” back.  They spent some time coloring the sidewalks with chalk and more time catching fireflies.


(Oh fine, so I took this photo at Ceil and Jack’s.  Sue me.)

But eventually it was time to turn in.  The Boy bid adieu to one of his girls and the other helped him get ready for bed.  Not that he wanted anything to do with going to bed…

Bright and early Monday morning (really.  Like 6am.  That’s 5 am our time!), we got up and started moving.  We hit the road a little before 7 for the long drive back to South Dakota.  The Boy is such an excellent traveler.  It took us about 15.5 hours.  I think Mom and Josh were surprised we went the distance, but I know what a nightmare day 2 in a car would have been.  The Boy travels well, but not that well.  And really, once you get into South Dakota it’s hard to stop.  You just want to get across the dang state and get home.

I spent last week mostly trying to recover from my cold.  It’s slowly going away.  I still have a bit of a cough and my sinuses are achy.  And this is another travel week.  My sister-in-law (the oldest of Josh’s sisters) is getting married on Thursday evening back in Redfield.  We sent the Boy back across the state on Sunday with Grandma who went early to help with the arrangements.  We haven’t talked to him since!  Seems he’s having too much fun to talk to us.  But tomorrow afternoon we’ll make the drive ourselves.  The Boy will be the ring bearer and Josh will be serving as an usher.  I predict temps in the 100s since they’re both wearing suits and I’m 6 months preggo.  Wish us luck!