Well, it’s only been a week since we arrived back in South Dakota.  Do you think it’s time I post about the trip?

Yeah.  I thought so too.

I’ll break this into multiple posts.  Because baby, it’s looooong.

Part 1:  Flyer Fiascos

The plan was to fly out Wednesday evening.  We got to the airport rather early, ending up with nearly an hour before the plane was even scheduled to start boarding.  The Boy had fun going through security and checking out all the planes on the tarmac.  I’d finally decided to pick up a juice for the flight to help ease the Boy’s ears.  I forked over a small fortune ($5) for an orange juice and Vitamin10.  And sure enough we hear an announcement.  “For those of you on flight XXX to Minneapolis, your flight has just now left Minneapolis after a medical emergency.  As soon as the flight arrives we will do our best to turn you around as fast as possible.  If you have any questions, please return to the agents.”  Um.  Okay.  So it’ll be getting here when we’re supposed to be arriving in Minneapolis?  I’m guessing I’m missing the second half of my flights…  Oh, and thank you ever so much NWA for sending an agent up to the gates.  No, instead I have to exit security to go talk to anyone.  *sigh*

We hadn’t even opened our drinks yet.  But lord knows they aren’t going to let me back through security with them.  So I sweet talked one of the TSA agents into holding them for me.  I think he felt some sympathy for me what with the 2 year old.  We head back down to the NWA desk.  The guys were really nice.  I guess the plane had just pulled back from the gate when someone had a heart attack.  So back to the gate, get the EMT’s, get the guy off, get new clearance, blah blah blah.  I asked if there was any chance of getting to Chicago Wednesday night.  The gate agent let me know there was one more flight I could make.  BUT I’d have to run from one of C to the other with only a 15 minute layover.  His exact words “I wouldn’t do it if I were you” while pointedly looking at my stroller and the Boy.  So what else can they get me?

How about arriving at 9 pm tomorrow night?  I think not.  So he checks with United.  They have a flight tomorrow morning.  Direct.  Except…when he tries to pull it up on the computer it won’t give it to him.  Grrrr.  (Oh, side note – luckily Josh had gone to run errands so he hadn’t left the Big City yet.  I told him to come back to the airport.)  He finally got me flights.  First one leaving at 6:40 in the morning.  Oy that’s early.  That means I had to leave the house around 5.  But we were arriving at 11:30 am.  Much better.  Although the direct flight would have been ideal.  The hitch was the first flight was on NWA, second on United.  That means switching terminals for sure.  There was an hour layover however so I wasn’t too worried.  And no threat of inclement weather at any location…

And so we head back home for the night.  Can you imagine the Boy’s reaction?  I told him the plane was broken so we couldn’t go tonite.  That the mechanics had to fix it for us to fly out in the morning.  That sorta worked.  But first thing in the morning?  Back to the airport…


The big perk of all this screw up?  We flew first class the whole way.  Front row of each plane.  Woo-hoo!  Just the Boy and I in the whole row. (By the way?  NWA has much nicer first class than United.)

The Boy did awesome.  No crying, no screaming, played nicely the whole time.  Of course I’d packed a million things for him.  But the best entertainment?


The free headphones… (and yes, he’s still in his p.j. shirt.  Didn’t I tell you we left the house at 5 am?)

The only problem was on both flights the Boy waited until they’d just put on the seat belt sign for landing before filling his pants.  I hope the smell wasn’t too bad for those behind us….definitely *not* a first class move.  *snerk*

We arrived in Chicago, picked up our one piece of checked luggage and then found Mom & Jack (a friend who drives interstates) to drive us home.  We arrived back at Mom’s house where  I promptly took a nap.  The Boy slept nearly the whole ride home.

Thursday night the Boy and I drove a couple towns over to have dinner with two of my great friends from high school.  It was such fun to meet their little boy and get caught up on everything that’s going on with them.  The last time I saw them they didn’t have kids and I don’t think I was even married yet.  Yikes!  As an added bonus, the food was awesome.  Hopefully they’ll come visit us one of these summers and we can show them all the fun to be had in the Hills.

Next up…big adventures with big animals.