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We were fortunate enough to spend part of this past weekend catching up with family.

Jess & kids were here for a quick trip.  We joined them for breakfast at Josh’s parents Saturday morning, and then we all head into the Big City for errands and to spend some time with Josh’s sister Amy who’s been laid up in the hospital for eight. freaking. days.  Poor girl…she couldn’t eat either.

Seems Friday before last (that’d be the 21st) her appendix gave out on her.  It took a while for them to figure out just what the problem was, and then out it came Saturday night.  She was sentenced to a 5 day recovery in the hospital.  But…her bowels didn’t want to cooperate and start working again.  Which lengthened her sentence.  Poor girl.  And not just no solid food, but no food period.  She couldn’t even drink water for a couple days.  Telling this story to a pregnant lady sounds like a torture worse than waterboarding.

(Sidenote – the good news is, everything has kicked back in and she was released today.  Hurrah!)

We visited with Amy for a while, probably driving the nurses crazy as eight of us descended at once.  After a quick lunch, Josh, the Boy, and I went on a hunt of all the second hand stores for a decent used dresser.  Gah.  It amazes me the crap some folks are trying to re-sell.  We found nothing decent that cost less than $350, and those didn’t really match our needs.  As in something a 3 year old can pound on and will hold up, or be replaced if it breaks.  *sigh*  So unfortunately we broke down, went to Tar-zhay, and spent $140 on the nasty pressboard version.  It’s actually pretty heavy duty and at least we’re not out much if someone opts to jump up and down on one of the drawers some day.  Which I predict *will* happen.  Plus it’s black.  Which means dings and scrapes can be fixed with a sharpie.  The only dissapointment has been that the drawers are much smaller inside than the fronts.  They didn’t have an assembled version to look at, so we went on faith.  As I said – cheap, fills the immediate need, and we’re not out much.  Plus it’s twice as much storage as he currently has.  And hell, based on what I saw Saturday?  We can take it and resell it for at least half what we paid for it.

Saturday night Jess and the kids came over for awhile,  thankfully bringing yummy dessert from the local famous eatery.   (Wow.  I was going to give you a link, but holy horrible website Batman.)  Aleigha and I had what she used to call “green pie” – grasshopper ice cream pie with an oreo crust and hot fudge topping.  Yum-my.  Afterwards, we settled in for a movie.


Most of us settled in.  Someone opted to spend his night upstairs watching football on tv and listening to his alma mater on the wi-fi.  (The rest of us watched Mouse Hunt.  Christopher Walken is da bomb.)  I finally had to put the Boy to bed around 10 despite the fact the movie wasn’t quite over.  He was just getting too obviously tired and slap happy.  Two late nights with little nap that day resulted in some strange antics.

Sunday was project day.  We began the day with breakfast at my Mom’s and hanging up blinds for her.  Followed by the installation of a new cat door (sort of – project unfinished due to the need to creatively engineer what we really want), putting away more stuff (4 more boxes unpacked), the dresser assembled, more mowing, the changing table moved, and the final shelf in the master bedroom installed.  And one heck of a 3 hour nap by the Boy.  Wowzers was that ever needed.  It sure would be nice if 3 year olds would master the art of sleeping in.

Oh!  One exciting bit of news…the Boy went pee-pee in the potty!  Aren’t you thrilled?  For some reason he decided he’d like to go pants-less on Sunday.  After one accident and more false alarms than we could count, someone finally nailed the pot.  I also fully admit we’ve resorted to bribery – we bought him a Mack Hauler in return for actually wearing his “Lightning McKeen” diapers (pull-ups).  This worked phenomenally on Sunday, but I’ve just been informed he’s rebelled today.  Told Josh tonite he could take Mack away, the Boy wanted his “Elmo’s” (regular diapers) back.  *sigh* Baby steps…  (Luckily, I’d put the other diapers away in the closet so Josh couldn’t find them.  So the Boy could whine and cry all he wanted, pull-ups were the only choice.)

Sunday late afternoon we took a family trip down the driveway.


(Yes, we’re ready.  The Bronco’s played the Bears on Sunday.  The return of Jay Cutler to Invesco Field at Mile High.)


Here’s the shot I’ve been wanting to get.  It’s not a hub cap.  I know that.  I was in a hurry.  And I was inspired to name this post after this photo and for Blake and Josh who had a certain two year old trained this past winter.  Rim! Post! Action! (This is a basketball learning drill.  But get it?  Rim?  On a post?  And I did run a few photoshop actions…)  Josh found this wheel rim when we first started construction and stuck it on this post.  I wonder how long it will stay there?


Here I am being firmly told to “stay on the sidewalk” by our walk director.


The point of our walk was to gather a few more sunflowers before Josh mows them all down (Well, not all.  We’re leaving a wide zone around the creek overgrown.  But the drive is starting to be encroached on and needs to be trimmed back).  A few other “furry friends” were enjoying the blooms that day.  I had to be extra vigilant to shake the plants a bit before cutting the blooms I wanted.  Don’t worry – I left them plenty.  This reconfirms my desire to put up bee hives on the property.  Especially if I can get someone else to do all the work and just share the honey with me.


(Another flower on the walk.  This one will be spared the mower blade thanks to it’s location next to the creek.)

Now I’m off in Estes Park for a few days.  Two more audits to plow through.  This will be my last work trip before the kid arrives.  I love Estes and in truth, this is my favorite park out of all the parks we operate.  It’s not as cool as I expected weather wise, and there’s a bit of a “fog” to everything thanks to the wildfires in California.  I’m guessing I won’t take many photos this trip.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, Josh is hoping the bobcat at work is fixed so we can borrow it.  We’re seriously considering grinding up the “back yard” and putting sod down.  We can get a pretty good deal on it right now that would make it about the same price as hydro-seeding.  And so much faster results wise.  The only hurdle is we’d have to install it ourselves.  I think that means Josh does all the heavy lifting carrying the rolls around and I just roll it all out.  We swore we’d never do sod again…and yet here we are.  The backyard at what is now Mom’s house was put in when they ripped up the local football field to re-sod.  It was already cut, but we had to roll/load/haul/unroll.  In massive summer rainstorms.  The front yard was even worse.  A small house in town was being converted to a business and the owners were putting in a large parking lot over the existing lawn.  We asked if we could take the grass, they agreed.  We rented a sod cutter and did all the cutting/rolling/loading/hauling/unrolling.  Just so happens?  The two hottest days of the summer (temps over 100 – not exactly normal for the Hills).  We seem to be gluttons for punishment who never learn.  I’ll let you know if we decide to go through with it.  That way those of you who live in the Hills can make alternate plans.  Because you know something wacky will happen…

I know I’ve promised all y’all photos of the finished rooms of the house.  I plan to keep that promise.  Just not yet.

Seriously.  You know we’re having a party in a couple weeks.  The house will be in tip-top shape and I’ll take photos then.  There are just too many little undone things irking me to do it yet.

For those who’ve asked, yes I plan to continue this blog in my sporadic, wacky, random way.  I figure come November I’ll have plenty of fodder.  And time.  And internet!  We finally took the splurge and had service hooked up at the house.  Duh.  It’s football season.  Someone must make constant checks on their fantasy team!

And so…


This weekend we made it a point to go have some fun.  Friday night was spent with friends at the campground.  Including a bit of ATV rides.


These exciting rides consisted of strapping the kids in and driving from the cabins where these two were staying down to the RV where the other half of the crowd was staying.  (We opted not to stay the night.)  These three and one other all had their strider bikes to terrorize any other folks unlucky enough to get a site near us.


We also took a trip (kids on bikes, most grown-ups walking) to see some fabulous local entertainment.  (Recognize that guy on the right?  He’s done a lot of work on the house…)  We took the ATV back to the RV site after being shushed by another audience member.  I’d blame it on the kids, but they’d already left.  Oops.

And of course, no “camping” trip is complete without some quality time spent in the firelight.


Up next…the rest of the weekend!

This post is for Josh.  Because I know these are his favorites. *evil grin*


I had intended to take some photos of all the wild flowers that are growing like crazy all over our lower property.


But I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Specifically there’s a certain hubcap on a certain post surrounded by wildflowers that looks like a Jon Crane waiting to happen.