We’ve returned, somewot triumphant, from the Land of Lincoln.

But I forgot my camera cord at home…so no pictures.

We saw many things, visited many folks, packed up mom’s house, and drove 15.5 hours across 4 states back to South Dakota.  We would have been home sooner except for a detour through the Wisconsin Dells due to a major accident that shut down the interstate.  We also witnessed a nice RV fire on the side of the interstate.  My heart goes out to the poor family who stood by watching their camper (and vacation) literally go up in flames.  We were also lucky to see hardly any police.  The Boy is such a great traveler.  Or course it helps that we totally tuckered him out in the days before the drive.  He slept across most of Cheeseland, woke up for Minnesota and nearly all of South Dakota, and then slept for another hour between Wall and home.  When he was awake he played happily in his car seat and talked our ears off.  Luckily the interstate provides plenty of trucks, tractors, and windmills for amusement.

In the mean time, I picked up a wicked summer cold.  Nice.  (No, it is not swine flu.  No aches, no fever, no headaches, no bonecrushing fatigue.)  Just lots of stuffiness and a rumbling cough that likes to wake me up at night.  It’s been going around up here at work and at daycare.  I’d hoped my fleeing to Chicago would prevent me from getting it.  Instead it seems to have ensured I was nailed.  My cough has been much more productive the last day or so, the chest not so tight.  Too bad being pregnant does nothing for your lung capacity, so it’s hard to say if that’s coming back or not.  It set up house on Saturday, so I figure I have another day or so of real misery.  The folks up here who’ve been hit have said about a week of bad symptoms and then it tapers off for another week.  I took a sick day yesterday, came in today to check in and may take the rest of the week off depending on how I sleep.  (Well, I’m taking Friday afternoon off no matter since we’re closing on both houses then!)  I hate when people come to work sick to spread the love.  You’ve got sick time.  Use it.   (She says while sitting in her office at work.)

So, we’ve emptied most of the old house for mom.  We’ll pick up the rest of the stuff from the basement tonite with Josh’s parents help.  But there are lots of piles and boxes sitting about at the new place because I just don’t feel much up to unpacking or nesting.

It was a great trip overall.  And I’ll tell you all about it in a few days time when I get the photos downloaded and my head back under control.