Good greif!  How has a week already gone by?!?

We’ve got visitors this week, including my mom again.  So we’ve been taking time this week to “play tourist” and just hang out and catch up.


Here’s a bunch of big chickens.


And everyone had fun playing with these 4-day old cuties.  They were surrounded by their mama’s – who enjoyed butting into everyone looking for hand outs.  You can get feed (from what is basically a gumball machine) to feed to them.


The kids (um, the human ones, not the goat ones) had fun bottle feeding calves and lambs.  (This is the only way the Boy would get close to the calves.  He refused to go into the pen.)

GoatsGruffThe Boy was also very happy to see this guy up on his bridge.  We drive by this place every time we go to/from the big city.  We always look for the goats on the bridge.

Yesterday the Boy rode the Train with everyone while some of us were at work.  Today the visitors were touring Custer State Park and going on a chuck wagon dinner.  Tonite we may make s’mores, if it’s not raining.  Tomorrow…we’ll see.  I’m taking the day off from work to slave away at the house.  But for sure we’re all getting together for dinner.  And more s’mores.

The house.  Our final inspection is on Monday.  Yikes!  Last night Josh put up the railing on the deck.  (I’d already gone home with a verrry sleepy Boy, so no photo yet.)  We don’t have post covers for the big support posts yet.  Well, we had some, but they didn’t fit right so we’re sending them back.  We’ll see if they can find us something that works or if we just paint them. (Oy, it’d be so much less work if they find some!)  I’ve been working inside to finish off all the painting touch-ups.  And the electricians were to be on site today to hook up our well and finish a few other minor projects.  Hurrah!  Water!  A working toilet!  Sometimes it’s the simple things…

And just to show you we have been out there working…

SinkSomeone has found a new place to play.