Another holiday done and gone.  The 3rd turned out to be a rainy drizzly foggy mess.  Instead of a spectacular fireworks display, it felt more like being in a warzone.  I won’t rehash the details here.  You can read all about it if you want (there’s a photo as well).

So what did we do for the holiday weekend?  I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.


This would be the major project of the weekend.  Please ignore the mess at the top.  We weren’t sure exactly how high we wanted to take the tile so I opted not to paint until we were done slopping mortar and grout around.  Good decision because right now?  It’s a mess.

Josh also finished painting the front door.


We originally planned to stain the door, but it didn’t take the stain very well and was veryveryvery dark.  So it received a couple coats of paint instead. (This would be Lyndhurst Mushroom from our master bedroom if I remember correctly.  It was one of the few that had a bunch left.)


Our guys were also back to insall the fixed countertop.  So we now have a kitchen sink, faucet and installed dishwasher!  (And one cutie playing soccer…)

islandlightsThe island countertop also arrived!  The guys cut the hole for the stove yesterday so we can get that in soon.  And look!  Lights over the island! (What a pain those buggars were.  And we’re still not 100% sold on them. Maybe more on that later.)

We spent a great deal of the weekend cleaning up and doing paint touch-ups.  Josh’s parents, middle sister, and her boyfriend all came over to help us.  We’re so dang close it’s killing us.  Today the carpet guys will be on site to put in the carpeting upstairs.  We still need a railing on all of the decking before we can close.  We also need to finish the plumbing.  That’s presenting a huge challenge at the moment.  Hopefully we’ll get something worked out this week.  Because we’d like to move in the next week or so!

The boy and I had one more bit of fun last night on the way back home.


We found this guy lounging on a sidewalk near a small lake on the drive home.  The Boy was quite amazed to see a real live turtle.  He was also not happy when said turtle decided he didn’t like being ogled and wandered off into the tall grass.  Thankfully, the Boy was totally not interested in picking the turtle up.  Fine with me.  I’m sure he’ll be bringing plenty of critters for me to see in a few short years.

Which reminds me.  The Boyfriend and the Boy were down in the garden on Sunday.  Apparently they found a 3 foot long black snake.  Not your typical 1′ green garter snake.  I’m not sure I like this development…