I know I’ve been totally silent this week.  I apologize.

Over the weekend we put the tile up in the master bath shower.  It went pretty well.  The pattern looks great.  But I haven’t had a chance to take any photos.  *sigh*  Guess you’ll have to wait for the finished product, since hopefully we’ll get the grout done this weekend.

We’ve also worked a bit on painting/staining/varnishing.  But nothing fun to see there.

The island countertop was supposed to arrive today, and the guys plan to be back on site tomorrow to install the last two pieces (island and sink part) as well as finish up the miriad of other bits and pieces (doorknobs, mirrors, etc).


Tomorrow we’ll be spending our day amongst the masses.


If you’re in the Hills and decide to catch the Fireworks show at Mt. Rushmore…First be sure you show up early.  Or be prepared to hike nearly 2 miles to get here from your car.  Second look for me working the daycare booth.  I’ll sell ya a walking taco or some ice cream!  While I’m totally looking forward to the fireworks and the B1 flyover, I’m especially looking forward to the presentation with the Navajo Code Talkers.  That is going to be a special treat.


For those of you not in the area, have a great holiday weekend.  Enjoy some brats, burgers, beans, potato salad and what not.  And hopefully a great fireworks show.  That’s my favorite part of the 4th of July.  I particularly like the boomers.  More importantly, get together with some friends and family and have a great time catching up.

If you want more info on the Independence Day Celebration here at Rushmore, check out the NPS website.  Please note, the fireworks are on the THIRD, not the fourth.  I always feel bad for the handful of folks that show up on the 4th only to be disappointed.

I’ll be back on Monday.  I promise a better update on house stuff.