I don’t know how those bloggers do it that post at least once if not multiple times every day.

Oh wait.  I bet they have an internet connection at home.  Or blog for their job.

Me?  I’m still working 40 hours a week and trying to build a house.  And raise one kid and grow another.  (Ha – sounds like I planted that sucker in the garden doesn’t it?) That leaves you with sporadic updates.  Apologies.  But it’s not likely to change either…

First, something cute:

Pro1Please note the overly large golf glove.

Pro2Also please note that in both of these shots the amazing photographer managed to catch the ball in mid-flight.  Before it drilled her in the shins.

This would have been on Sunday.  For Father’s Day, Josh, his Dad and the Boy all went golfing.  I hear the Boy did well.  Teeing off on 3 holes before deciding he only wanted to drive the cart.

Meanwhile, some of us were hard at work painting.  Just touch-ups and detail work, so nothing really to show you there.

Backing up for a second, Saturday we went to the big city to check out a festival in the historic housing district (West Boulevard for those of you that know of which I speak).  Despite what the paper told us…nothing was free.  Someone was quite disappointed to not get a ride on the horse & buggy, but I wasn’t forking out the $12 they wanted after it had been advertised as free.  We did not stay long and didn’t spend a nickel…there.  We did go shopping.


Meet the tile for the master bath.  We’ll be putting in a pattern of this tile in 13″ and 6.5″ tiles.  Someday soon.  Once we pick up the grout and thin set and all that.  (Hey – only the tile was on sale!  And we have lots of other things to do first.)

We also picked up more plumbing supplies.  Good grief.  Will we ever be done buying plumbing crap?

BoyPIc Guess who took this photo…

We also bought the glass for the 3 glass front cabinets in the kitchen.  Did you know that when you buy glass front cabinets the glass doesn’t come with it?  How ridonkulous is that?  I mean, with the amount we forked over for cabinets I’d think they could throw in the $25 worth of glass.

Lastly – here’s a sneak preview of our countertops:


Have I talked about the countertops?  Hang on…doesn’t look like it.

We opted for a laminate counter top.  No, not that cheap stuff you first think of when you hear laminate, although it was inexpensive.  But running through the math, I could replace all of this stuff every year for the next ten years and still not spend as much as putting in Corian or Silestone (much less granite or another natural stone) just once.  We’d originally wanted to do concrete.  But we didn’t have the faith we could do a good enough job ourselves and paying someone to do it puts it back in the super pricey range.

And to tip the scales, laminate is not all that eco-non-friendly anymore.  We chose a Wilsonart HD laminate (the HD means it has texture – it looks more like a stone product.  Not just your silky smooth typical laminate.  And the one we chose even has little reflecty bits meant to look like mica/quartz.).  Wilsonart has done a great deal of work to green up both their product and their processes.  You can read about it in deatil at their website here.  The key facts?  Eliminating waste in the process stream, recycling scraps back into the laminate and the use of low VOC adhesives.  Hurrah.  In fact, their laminate has received GreenGuard indoor air quality certification (and that’s not just the HD stuff – it’s all of their laminate products).  And since, really, we won’t be replacing this stuff for probably 10 years…it’s well worth the compromise, eases my treehugger concious, and keeps us from eating Ramen every night for the next 5 years.

Unfortunately that far counter is screwed up.  Too short.  And they screwed up the island as well.  So while the appliances were all delivered on Friday, we can’t get them installed yet.  Because the countertops must be done first.  We also can’t put in the kitchen sink, as that’s the one that’s screwed up.  And actually, the fixed version was supposed to arrive on Friday but as of last night still hadn’t shown up.  Whaddayagonnado?

So…we’re I’m still finishing off the paint.  I have 3 rooms donedonedonedone! (Only 7 more to go!) And we’re Josh is working on plumbing all the faucets/toilets.  We can see the finish line, but we certainly feel like the proverbial turtle in this race.