While the Boy, my mom, and I were off gallivanting around Yellowstone and Cody, Josh and they guys were hard at work.

RailingHere’s the first of the finished railing…


Here’s the rest of the railing waiting to be finished.   They’ve also put in the finished risers although you can’t see them from this angle.  This makes navigating the stairs much trickier as they’ve had to take one of the two by fours off the step to make room.  The boy has been stuck on the first floor unless he’s carried up…

MasterfanThe electricians have been at it as well.  Here’s the fan in the master bedroom.  Oh, and Josh checking out how it works.

KidfanThis is the fan in the baby’s room.  The one in the boy’s room is exactly the same.

Down in the kitchen, the cabinets keep progressing.  We threw the guys a curve and asked them to flip some:

CabrearrangeThis also meant a bit of rewiring as we’d set up for a wine fridge in that one area.  I hear it was a feat to change the cabinets.  I’m quite glad I wasn’t around.

HardwareThe hardware is also now installed.  It’s perfect, if I do say so myself.


Here’s our fridge!  Hurrah!  I didn’t intend on stainless, but it was such a fabulous deal we couldn’t pass it up.  (We picked it up for about half price if you can believe it.)  The rest of the appliances are arriving on Friday.

I heard the counters arrived yesterday, but unfortunately the one with the kitchen sink is screwed up and needs to be sent back.  Bummer!  So this week it’s more stairs, more trim, more painting, more detail work.  Not much big action.  And working on plumbing in the mechanical room in the basement.  We’re nearly there…