So what day was it again?  Oh yes, Friday afternoon.

After finishing the internal audit, the Boy, Grandma, and I traveled out the East entrance of Yellowstone National Park and on to Cody, Wyoming.  Cody is famed for a few things.  First, it was founded by Buffalo Bill Cody.  Second – they have an outdoor rodeo every night in the summer.  I’m sure there’s more…but those are the two that stick in my brain.

We’d be staying in a Kamper Kottage at the Cody KOA.  We arrived Friday night and had our first significant melt down since Sunday night.  Someone did not want to eat dinner.  He only wanted to play on the playground.  No amount of explaining that we’d be here for two days and there would be plenty of time for swings and slide later calmed him.  But someone else was hungry, so the screaming toddler was stuffed in the car anyway.  I’m so mean.  (I’m not that mean however, he did play on the playground for a good half hour before we attempted to drag him away.)

Saturday we began the day with very yummy all you can eat pancakes.  It’s a good thing these aren’t a readily available option for me every day or I’d probably gain 100 pounds easy.  The only thing missing were some chocolate chips.  After breakfast, we of course played on the playground and the jumping pillow. (Have you ever been on one?  Holy heck they’re fun.) (And sorry – I know mom took a picture of the Boy and I on the dang thing, but she hasn’t sent me her pictures yet.  When she does, I’ll add it here.)


(photo from the BBHC website)

Saturday mid-morning we headed off to visit the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.  This place is quite the museum!  Smartly, we started with the Natural History section.  I have to say this was the best part of the place.  Tons of interactive buttons to push, levers to pull, sounds to hear.  The Boy seems to have enjoyed it but by this point in our trip he was feeling distinctly photo phobic.  Any request to “hey Boy!  Look at me!” were met with firm refusals to look anywhere but where you wanted.


Oh!  Before I forget…look!  We met Buffalo Bill! (Someone refused to get out of his stroller though.)

The Boy made it through the Natural History section, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at the little cafe inside (don’t get a regular hot dog.  Or the beans, unless you really like BBQ sauce. The BLT was excellent however.)  After lunch we quick stopped into the gardens before it started to rain.  There are a number of beautiful plants set about to help highlight wonderful statues.  But the biggest hit of the garden?


What is this I see?


Why it’s an adorable baby bunny!  He sat very still for us while we ooh’ed and ahh’ed over his fuzzy little ears. (No, we didn’t touch – just looked.)

I also took a number of those photos which are my husbands absolute favorite…


Okay, maybe not.

So besides the Natural History section and the Gardens, the BBHC also has a large wing devoted to the Plains Native Americans and another devoted entirely to Buffalo Bill’s life.  We did a very quick spin through the Native American section (no interactive, it’s a very nice exhibit but not my thing – I did catch a few quotes from our Superintendent here at Rushmore though) until the Boy fell asleep in his stroller.  Mom and I then headed to the Buffalo Bill bit.  Wow.  Amazing.  Everyone should go.  Seriously.  But all the photos I took are blurry…

Unfortunately the Western Art section was closed for remodeling.  Too bad as that probably would have been our favorite part.  We’re art people.

The last section we visited (because someone was still sound asleep) was the Firearms Museum.  Huh?


Not kidding.  Guns everywhere.  Stuffed dead things everywhere.  Some of it was interesting, there were a scant few displays from tv shows or movies.  There were a few displays on designs and manufacturing.  And there were framed Winchester and Remington posters and calendars throughout.  Those were neat.  The rest I could do without.  Upon seeing this sign:


I decided 1,500 firearms was more than enough…I didn’t need 1,200 more.  So we woke the boy up and headed back to the KOA.

We spent some more time on the playground (Oh look!  There’s the helmet!).


(Someone found it quite hilarious to set up all the chess pieces and then run through them knocking them down.  Hockey player.  I see it coming…)

And again a certain Boy befriended a few other kids staying in the KOA.  Luckily their mom showed up after an hour or so to whisk them away for dinner.  So we did the same.  Upon the advice of friends we dined at the Irma Hotel, originally owned and built by Buffalo Bill and named after one of his daughters.  The dinner was good, the atmosphere classic wild west.  We skipped the gun fight – I wasn’t too sure how the Boy would handle the noise.  He’s not a fan of sudden loud noises…like gunfire.

Following dinner it was time to head back to the KOA and settle down for the night.  Luckily the Boy went down easily (and early) so I had a chance to make use of the free Wi-Fi and check up on my email and blog reading while Mom watched the Bucket List on her computer.

Sunday morning we partook of the scrumptious pancakes again before heading for the Hills – literally.  We arrived home around 4ish.  The Boy traveled well again with a few minor bumps.  He didn’t want to stop for lunch, preferring instead to go directly home to see his cousins as we’d promised him.  Putting food in front of him calmed that squall.  And again about an hour from home he started to get antsy.  Luckily there’s plenty to look at as we traveled through Jewel Cave National Monument, Custer, past Crazy Horse, and finally home.

It was a great trip, but I think we’re all glad to be home.  Now we just have to leap the hurdle of getting someone back on his schedule and sleeping in his own bed.  All.  Night.