Technically I suppose this is your second glance since I did post a picture of the cabinets in all their boxes…


The guys came back on Tuesday to start putting in all the cabinets, doors, and trim!

I apologize – I tried to take a picture of the doors and trim, but alas the batteries on my camera were dying and wouldn’t let me take a photo with the flash on.  So what I did get is just a jumbled blurry mess you really don’t want to see.  I shall replace said batteries and punish them with a trip to the electrical socket (for recharging!).

Our cabinets are very simple, flat front cabinets.  They are made by Omega. (Have I already told you this?)  Their cabinets/cabinet making processes are certified through the Kitchen Cabinet Makers Association’s Environmental Stewardship Program.  That means low or zero VOC (ours have zero chipboard), their suppliers and their process have strict sustainability, recycling and energy conservation measures, manufacturers must have a written environmental policy (and preferably an Environmental Management System), and a commitment and involvement in their local communities.  A quick google search for KCMA ESP will deliver plenty of information if you’re curious.

I’m not kidding myself here.  These are not by far the greenest cabinets we could buy.  That’d be custom made with reclaimed wood by a local artisan.  But then we couldn’t afford half the amount of cabinets.  And I’m sorry, but storage is a major issue.  I love to cook.  I have lots of gadgets.  I have multiple sets of dishes.  We host holiday dinners for 20+ people.  Going mostly green and affordable won the day.  (I feel no shame in admiting to you that I splurged and got the mixer stand lift.  I love my Kitchen-Aid mixer.  I don’t love it hogging my countertop space.)

We’ve picked up most of the knobs and pulls for the cabinets, although they haven’t been installed yet.  We went with a very simple round black knob and cup pull.  I’d post a picture for you…but you can wait until they put them on.  Josh would tell you he doesn’t know why we had to spend the money for knobs and pulls.  Our current cabinets don’t have any.  I hate it. The cabinets are always full of finger prints or smudgy messes and they just seem….cheap.  (Okay, they are cheap – how about cheaper.)  With flat front cabinets, I think the knobs and pulls will help finish off the look and not make it look like a sea of wood.  So I insisted on knobs and pulls.  And besides, they weren’t that expensive.  Thank you May-nerds.

The guys have installed most of the doors and they look great.  So far only one swings the wrong direction and I’m trying to decide how much of a fit to pitch over it.  They’ve also started installing trim on the windows.  Luckily only the baby’s room is left to get a good coat of paint and I’m planning to knock that out tonight.  (Hopefully they won’t beat me to it with the trim…)

My mom is coming to visit this weekend.  She arrives on Saturday.  On Sunday we’ll pack up the Boy and the car and drive over to Yellowstone.  I have to go for work, but we’re going to make a mini-vacation of it.  I’m not expecting Josh will take any photos while I’m gone.  And Yellowstone is one of the few places left on earth where cell signal hardly exists, much less wi-fi.  I have a minor “in” being an employee (in other words I can steal a network connection in an office every so often), but I doubt I’ll have time to download all my email, much less put together a whole post.

Unfortunately….there’s a whole lot left for me to accomplish onthe house before we leave!  I really want to have all the paint D.O.N.E.  That includes finishing painting the kitchen windows and the trim pieces that go around it.  The grout in the bathrooms needs to be sealed.  The garden?  Oh let’s just not go there right now.  Wish me luck!