Camera!  Action!  Oh just kidding.  But here are some of the lights that have been put up.  Unfortunately, they’ve been working on the cans, smoke detectors, and outlets…so quite a few are still sitting around in their boxes.  Bummer.

foyerdetailHere’s the foyer light again, except a bit bigger so you can see some of the detail.  Please ignore the fact that it’s not in balance.  It’s giving me a complex.


The exterior lights.  Wow.  This picture makes them seem really small.  They’re not.  (Okay they aren’t huge either – just your normal sized exterior light.)  There are two on the garage, one by the front door, one by the back door to the garage, and two by the french doors on the back of the house.


The drum light in the dining room.  I’m not taking that plastic off for the next 10 years.  Kidding!  Just don’t want to take it off until we’re done and all the dust has literaly settled.  I picked this one because it has a diffuser on the bottom so you don’t look straight up into the lights.

vanityAnd here are the vanity lights.  We’ve got quite a bit of natural lights in the bathrooms and I hate when you flip on the light and are blinded.  Two of the three baths have two sets of these (and two vanities).

Unfortunately…that’s it so far.  I’m hoping they’ll be back to finish this week, but I’m not positive.  As soon as the rest do go up…you’ll see ’em.