We’ve had quite a few folks ask us if we’ve moved in yet.  They see our cars there all the time so they assume we must be moved in.  *Sigh*  I wish.  So what have we been up to?

plowingFirstly, as you may remember, I demanded some garden love this past weekend.  Can I tell you?  We pooled every piece of farm equipment in a 20 mile radius to plow this sucker up.  And it still needs work.

IHWe borrowed the campgrounds old Interational Harvester.  As you can imagine, the Boy was ecstatic.


Unfortunately he had to be content with watching most of the time.  We tried all sorts of things including 2 plows, a disc, and a box grader (I think that’s what it’s called).  Josh and his dad finally got the second plow to work, then they disced it.  It still will need to be tilled before I can plant.  And there’s no fencing in sight.  Despite these minor (*snerk*) issues, I bought plants on Sunday.  When it was nearly 90 in the big city.  Gah.  What happened to spring?  Oh don’t worry – it’s back.  Whopping high in the mid-50s today.  I’ll try to get some pictures of the plants for you later.  If it’s not pouring rain.

The weekend was definitely a family affair.  Please meet the official photographer for the weekend:


Our niece who is staying with the grandparents for 3 weeks.  She’s pretty good!  And I’ve got some darn cute video too.


And somehow someone’s mom took over the crappy job of staining the windows.  I’m not sure how he pulled that off…


The boy was on hand as well.  Here we are working so very very hard on some nummy watermelon.

Sunday we worked outside again – it was just too nice!


We started the framing for the back deck.  We needed to get the footings poured.  We opted to recycle:

bucketOne Ancient Scroll footing coming right up!

StairsWe also started the stairs for the front of the house.  (We still need to screw down the planks.)

And finally we spent some time looking around at what we’ve got.  We’ve found a great little spot down by the creek where we think we’ll eventually put in a bench and maybe an arbor.  But that’s gonna be awhile.  We found a plethora of sticker bushes to whack.  And a number of wild strawberry plants (no strawberries yet though).  I also think I found a bunch of wild columbine.  Any experts want to verify before they go to flower?


I also couldn’t resist grabbing a photo of these beauties:


Whoever buys our house is going to get lucky.  This is our apple tree.  Our neighbors is also in bloom and the bees were buzzing!  This tree puts out some delicious fruit!

Tonight I’m meeting with our builder and the Geothermal guys to nail down what we need to finish.  The framers were supposed to be back today to start putting in cabinets.

cabinetsBecause right now they’re just hogging all the space in the garage…  I can’t wait to see them installed!