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It’s that time of year again!



This poor little one was across the road from mama goat.  Neither was very happy about the situation.  But traffic was backed up a’plenty and the little guy made it back across in short order.


And two more mamas with their kids!

I caught all 3 pairs on my way to work following a dentist appointment this morning.  The mamas look pretty bad since they’re shedding their winter coats.  But those kids are pure gleaming white and so doggone cute!  Hopefully they’ll be hanging out around our cars in the mornings again so I can snap more “family portraits.”

I always enjoyed (okay, I still do) those games of “here’s two pictures, spot the difference”.  So here’s one for you, dear Constant Reader:



Yes, there’s grass.  (Or weeds.)  And funny how the light makes the siding look drastically different from one to the next.  And yes, there are now stairs to the porch and the temporary electric is gone.  None of those are what I was going for.

Look at that fancy red door!  I actually painted it on Sunday but… first I forgot to take a picture of it.  Then I did take a picture of it but forgot about it.  Then I remembered the picture but forgot where I put the camera.  Luckily I remembered where it was this morning.  *sigh*  I think it’s the hormones.

We picked up the final newel post last night along with the thin set and grout for the bathroom tile.  And we finalized a decision on carpet.  That only leaves the railing for major purchases.  And thank heavens for that.  Our bank accounts are wearing quite thin!  I’ve been asked a few times about a move in date.  We’re still not sure, but it’ll be within the next month.  Depends on the timing of the carpet for one.  And getting the railing in.  I’ll let you know when we know!

Just to show I haven’t really gone off my rocker and tried to plant kid #2 in the garden…





(I hope this one shows that the kids already got the laid back attitude going and not the worry one.)


The tech said there were only 5 toes…but I think I see 6.



I’m at 22 weeks right now or nearly 5 months along.  Only 4 more to go!  The heartburn has shifted into high gear and the kicking has commenced.

And just to reiterate, we are not finding out the gender of this kiddo.  We didn’t find out with the Boy either.  So please don’t ask.  We like the surprise.  You won’t change our mind.  We’re also not discussing names much this time around.  (Thanks much to my brother for having a second girl and not using our chosen names.)  We have a girls name all picked out.  We’re still finalizing for a boy.  I’m thinking Zebadiah Kael.  Whadda ya think?

(For heavens sake, yes I’m kidding. I much prefer Kal El.  Or Pilot Inspector.)