So a few of you commented that you couldn’t get that Guinea Hen link to work.  So for those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of hearing one for yourself, here’s a youtube video:

Aren’t you glad you listened?  And that’s just one hen.  There’s a dozen minimum at the neighbors.

Now, I had planned to show you some great pictures of the new gutters and the lights the electricians came and installed yesterday….but I left my camera at home last night.  *Doh!*

So how ’bout we finally get around to the paint information?  First, the National Trust Colors…

  • In the Master Bedroom, we’re using Winter Delta (3007-9B) on the walls and Lyndhurst Mushroom (3007-9C)  on the ceiling.
  • The Office is Glowing Dune (3006-9C) for walls and ceiling.
  • The Kitchen Living Room has LaFonda Wild West Green (6006-4A) on the walls.
  • The Foyer, Mudroom, Hallway, and Kitchen/Living ceiling are all Ancient Scroll (3008-8B).
  • The First Floor Powder/Laundry Room is Dry Leaf (3008-8A).
  • The ceiling and bottom of the walls in the Dining Room are Cooper Melon (7003-2).
  • The Baby’s room has Oatlands Subtle Taupe (6005-1B) on the ceiling/top of the walls and Smoked Oyster (6005-1C) for the bottom of the walls.

I can’t seem to find the paint card for the Boy’s room…but it wasn’t part of the National Trust colors.  The two chocolates are Universal Umber (3003-9B) in the Bonus Room (the ceiling is Ancient Scroll again) and the top stripe for the dining room is the only actual Olympic color with Chocolate Truffle (D24-6).  Everybody else is Valspar, so if you like something you see, you can head over to your local dealer to find the samples.

Now – I’d intended to link up to the pretty pictures of these colors on Valspar’s website.  But a) their website is all flash driven and so not conducive to linking to specific colors, and b) some of them don’t look anything like they should when viewed on my screen.  So why bother?  Instead, I decided maybe I’d scan them in for you and show ’em that way.  But guess what?  Still not a good color match.  Maybe it’s my computer.  I don’t know.  So here’s my last brilliant idea – take a picture of ’em!


From left to right, Chocolate Truffle, Winter Delta, Lyndhurst Mushroom, Glowing Dune, Universal Umbre, Wild West Green, Dry Leaf, Ancient Scrool, Cooper Melon.  I know you can’t much see them in this little state, so click on the image for a bigger view.  Or here.

Of course the Boy’s blue isn’t included, and neither are the ones for the Baby’s room.  That’s because I started painting the Smoked Oyster the other night and it’s not…right.  In fact it’s rather pinky-purple.  That’d fine if we knew kid#2 is a girl.  But we don’t (although the Boy may tell you otherwise).  And since it needs to go back to be fixed, it’s currently sitting on the kitchen counter with it’s card.  I’d intended to have it fixed last night while we were in the Big City, however we spent multiple hours at May-nerds picking up a few more lights along with an abundance of stair parts (they were on sale!).  The Boy had had enough by the time we escaped, so paint swapping wasn’t accomplished.  Bummer. (Actually, a long list of things weren’t accomplished.  *sigh*)

I promise to take the camera with tonite to ensure photographic evidence that we now have Lights!  Let there be light! The cabinets also showed up yesterday.  So tonite I will hurry to grout the bathrooms so that the vanities may be installed.  We’re getting there folks.  Slowly but surely, we’re gettin’ there.