Happy Memorial Day to you all!  I hope you’ve all taken a minute to refelct on this lovely holiday and all it means…and then gotten right down to the business of picnics and barbeque.  No such treats for us unfortunately.  Working in tourism world means today is just another work day, not a holiday.  Schools are ending, folks are (hopefully) starting their vacations and heading our way to be entertained, amused, and awed.

As usual, we spent the weekend working at the house.  Will it ever end?  Some days it doesn’t seem like it…

First let me introduce you to this gaggle of noisemakers:


(Okay so I only took a picture of one – they took off running when the car came near.)

These, my friends, are guinea hens.  Our neighbor has a whole flock of ’em.  But they like to come visit on our side of the fence as well.  They are quite the rambuncous bunch.  We’ve heard they may be raised for a variety of reasons and we haven’t talked to the neighbor to find out his excuse.  But they can be grown for their meat, or to help control the bug population (including ticks and lyme disease), and some even raise them as “watch hens”.  Let me tell you, these suckers squak their little heads off for nearly any reason.  I’ve seen (heard) them giving a herd of deer the whatfor and if they’re picking around our bit of land and you step out on the porch?  Oooo will you get an ear full!  They rather amuse me right now.  Hopefully they’ll stay that way.  Wanna listen?  You can hear their call here.  (Imagine this x20 and you’ll come close to the racket our buddies put up.)

Friday afternoon I managed to get a bit of painting done…


This is the first part of the Boy’s room.  The bottom will be a darker blue. (No I didn’t tape it off.  I was having a bit of an issue with the level and after drawing 3 different lines and still not getting it right, I gave up.  I’ll tape it for the bottom color once I beat the level into submission.)


The boy’s quite the helper!  Anytime you need a screwdriver you better find him, because he seems to be hoarding them.  And hey!  Check out those spiffy new shoes!  He picked them out all by himself!

Saturday we set to work on the tiling.  We are using Congoleum DuraCeramic in the 3 bathrooms and mudroom.  Josh and his dad put the underlayment down and I followed with the tile.  This stuff is installed similarly to ceramic except instead of thinset you use an adhesive.  It still involves grouting the tiles and being rather patient and persnickety to make sure it’s straight and looks right.  Probably even more so than ceramic.  Because once the tile is set in the adhesive, it’s pretty well stuck for good.  No shimmying it around to get it lined up.

We haven’t grouted yet, but the tile is installed in the first floor powder/laundry room and mudroom.


The adhesive has to sit for an hour once you put it down to ensure it’s ultra tacky (no, not that kinda tacky) and ready for the tile.  So after getting the first half spread out, I did a bit more painting…

babytopThis is the baby’s room.  The bottom will be a darker grayish brown called “Smoked Oyster”.  Sorry – for the life of me I can’t remember what this one is called at the moment.

Sunday…more tile!

kidtileHere’s the kid’s bathroom.  It’s hard to see, but the tile has reds and blues and grays swirled in to look a bit like granite.  Again – so many options when it comes to accessorizing.

I also laid out the master bath to see where we stood with tile:

mastertileThis is the tile that was gifted to us.  I’m afraid we may end up one tile short.  Gah!  We’ll see.  It’s hard to tell when you haven’t cut the pieces, and you can’t cut the pieces until you start sticking it down and know your precise spacing.  We didn’t make it to this bath simply because we were a bit short on our underlayment calculations.  So, it’s a trip back to the big city to get one more piece before this can be knocked out.

Oh yeah!  Here’s a shot of the finished wood flooring (no, I still haven’t mopped)

FloordoneJosh did spend close to 3 hours doing some major clean up around the house.  The basement was a particular mess, full of dust and dirt that’s settled.  We’re nearing cabinet installation and figure we really want the place as dust free as possible once they come in.  I’m not fond of dusting in the first place, so a few hours spent cleaning now to reduce the endless task later?  Priceless.

There was one project we didn’t get to this weekend – the garden.


After much discussion, debating, and demanding, the garden will go in this little meadow spot near the creek.  It’s not toooo far from the house, plus it’s in the floodplain so it’s great black dirt and near a free source of water.  Like our barn?  It was gifted to us from Josh’s family and will be the perfect place to stash all my tools and extra pots and such.  It’s in need of a bit of TLC (especially the roof) and the Boy has dubbed it “the barn”.

So this week?  More tiling – the sooner we get all of that done, the sooner they can set the vanities and we can move on to finish off the plumbing.  More painting (it never ends.  Really.).  More staining – we need to pick up and stain all the parts for the stairs, plus Josh still needs to put the final coats of laquer on the trim boards.  And get that garden going.  It’s Memorial Day people!  This is the time to plant here in the higher Hills!  Of course, we then stand by with blankets at the ready.  Our last hard frost of the year was June 17th last year.

I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful day off with friends and family.  Have a brat and some potato salad for us!