Here in tourist world (where many folks are stuck working weekends) you’ll hear this phrase often.  (And “It’s my Monday.”)  Today is my Friday!  I’ll be driving down to Rocky Mountain National Park on Sunday so I’m taking tomorrow off to paintpaintpaint.  I know – you all wish you could come help, don’t you?

I’m making progress on the tap videos.  It’s been a major PITA though.  But I’ve got a couple loaded up to YouTube.  Now I just have to figure out how to post them here…look for ’em Monday night when I’m back in Wi-Fi land.


FiretruckSomeone really likes his firetruck shirt.  And there I am in the background – painting away.  Do you like my shirt?  I’ve never smoked a day in my life.  But I did work road crew for a couple summers.  You’d be surprised how many Marlboro miles you can accumulate over the summer from the crap people toss out their car window.  You really don’t want to know what else you’ll find walking ditches.

DiningchocHere’s that yummy chocolate topping.  I finished up the edging last night and will take the tape down tonight.

livinggreenAnd here’s a shot of the living room/kitchen color with one window stained.  I finished the edging for the ceiling last night and am hoping to finish all the touch-ups and edging in this room tonight.  Josh also painted the mudroom last night, so that’s one more thing done.

Don’t remind me about the whole.stinking.up.stairs.  I’m blocking it out for the moment….

Hope you all have a great weekend!