I know – it’s Tuesday.  I said I was going to post some videos yesterday…but you should all know better than that by now, shouldn’t you?  *sigh*

The truth is – apparently I’m an idiot.  At least when it comes to the functions of our camcorder.  First, I got a new computer last year.  And apparently I didn’t install the software for the camcorder on it when I installed the rest of the software.  I’ve now resolved that problem.  However, it appears I can’t actually pull video off the disk unless I finalize said disk.  (I think this is really really stupid by the way – this disk only has 4 tap routines on it and roughly 20 minutes of record time left.  That’s enough for 5 more recitals!  What if I don’t WANT to finalize the disk yet?!?)  In order to finalize the disk, I have to have the cable that plugs the dang thing into the wall.  Which is sitting at home on the entertainment center.  So sorry – you don’t get any video again today.

Being the generous person I am however, I will show you some pictures.  And some links.  And to make the hubby happy (who said the other day “Our blog isn’t even about the house anymore.”), here’re some of the fruits of our labor:


Here’s the dining room.  The bottom color is actually rather creamy.  It’s called Cooper Melon I believe – more on that in a bit.  The top is still white in the photo however, I painted that last night.  At around 8 pm.  Did I mention we headed straight to painting following work?  By the time I had finished, all I wanted was a big ol’ brownie.  The reason?  The top two feet of the wall are now coated in a color titled “chocolate truffle”.  It was literally like slathering chocolate frosting all over the wall.  It goes on the color of a good Ghiradelli milk chocolate and dries the color of a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory dark chocolate truffle.  I had to remind myself not to lick the beater roller.  It was too dark by the time I was done to get a decent pic – and I was too hungry and tired.  I’ll try to grab one tonite.

Here we have…


One very wacky boy who has repurposed his Easter basket.  See?  I’m raising him to recycle already! (I think he looks a bit like these guys.)

But really.  We painted a lot more than just the dining room this weekend.


This is a shot of the upper part of the foyer.  This was our task for all.day.Sunday.  (Yes we spent Mother’s Day painting – what a treat!)  It’s painted in Ancient Scroll, a bit of a chameleon color.  Depending on the light it may look more yellow, green, or tan.  I love it.  This color is also going all down the hallway in the 2nd floor as well as for the ceiling of the kitchen/living and all over the mudroom.  I wanted a bit of continuity to the space since it’s so open.  I know I took some great pictures of Josh precariously perched to paint over the stairs…but I must have deleted them darn it!  Once again, OSHA would have been mortified.

I enjoy painting.  Really!  I like how for a pretty inexpensive price tag you can totally change the feel of a room.  The only thing I don’t like?  Ceilings.  Oy my aching neck.  And shoulders.  And back.  And fingers.  And shins (the Boy has commandeered the tall ladder as his own, meaning when he’s around I stand on the 4′ ladder. The top of said ladder I lean against for balance – and it nails me right in the shins.  They are both bruised.  But it’s better than fighting a two year old who constantly climbs up behind me.  Or in front of me.)  All the ceilings have now been painted on the first floor.  I’m trying to block out all that second floor space that still needs to be done.

I think I annoyed the Lowe’s guys mightily when I chose my paint colors.  (And not just because I walked in on a Friday around 5 and ordered 27 gallons of custom tinted paint.)  I don’t pick my paint color by what brand of paint I intend to use.  Primarily because – I never know what brand I’ll use.  New and greener stuff comes around every day.  And I’m also not willing to spend 3 hours trying to match up this brand to that when every major paint house has custom color matching.  Also – I’ve been collecting paint chips for years.  I’ve stashed away 2 large manilla envelopes stuffed to the gills with paint chips.  Some of them are discontinued.  See that color match thing again.

When I was searching for paint colors for the house I knew I wanted all of them to be from a similar color family.  I also knew we prefer browns and greens and oranges and reds to grays and blues and purples.  While perusing paint chips at Lowe’s, I found a line I immediately fell in love with:  the Valspar National Trust Colors.  This site stinks by the way.  It’s great for showing you color schemes, but you’ve gotta search for the information on their partnership.  So here, let me give it to you easy-peasy:

“Celebrate America’s vibrant heritage with our exclusive palette of historic colors. These authentic colors are documented exclusively by Valspar from historic sites across the country. Bring a part of our nation’s history into your home with colors from some of America’s most beautiful places.Valspar will donate a portion of all paint sales to the National Trust, helping people save places that matter to them.”

I feel bad that I totally gipped the Trust out of some money, but Olympic zero VOC paint was cheaper and received better reviews than the Valspar version. *shrug*  I’d give you the names of all the colors I chose that fall in this category, but my paint chips are out at the house.  I’ll put it on my to do list for tomorrow.

And now, the bit for which you’ve all been waiting (you have, haven’t you?)…


Beginner’s tap – totally horrid costumes.  The song?  Wild Wild West by Will Smith (wicky-waa-waa, wicky-wicky-waa…)  Yes, we’re supposed to be saloon girls.


Advanced Class – Mercy by Duffy.  Truly, this is my favorite dance we’ve done.

The theme this year was “A Night At the Movies” – Wild West is obvious.  We were a bit lucky with Mercy.  We started working on this dance in October, while recital theme isn’t chosen/announced until around Christmas.  We all loved the dance and the song – but from a movie?  Hey whaddya know, it’s in the trailer for the movie “The Women“.  They let it slide for us.  Miracle of miracles. (You can see the trailer here if it piques your curiosity.  Come on – did you see the cast?  Meg Ryan, Annette Benning, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett Smith, Bette Midler, Candice Bergin, AND Princess Leia Carrie Fisher?  It’s on my Netflix Queue – note to hubby, no I won’t make you watch it with me.  Unless you want to.)

That’s all folks.  Here’s hoping I can get some video loaded tomorrow.  Maybe.  Grrr.