I forget there are a few of you dropping by now and again that have no idea about this secret life of mine.

Oh alright, that’s such an exageration.  But really – it sounds much better that way, doesn’t it?


Growing up I took a fair bit of gymnastics.  This would be me in June of 1979. (Just before my 5th birthday for those of you keeping track.)   And totally not surprising to those who know me, I’m one of the upside down girls.  Here:


That better?  I’m second from the left if you couldn’t tell.

I only took about a year of combined tap/ballet/jazz with my best friend Kelly one year.  I think we were in like 5th or 6th grade, but I can’t remember.  I do remember enjoying it.  I had always been awed by my friend Heather and my cousin Gina, both ballerinas from the time they were knee-high to a grasshopper.  I have no idea if I was any good… I was always more sports oriented than dance oriented.

Back in 2005, my good friend Michelle convinced me to take a tap class with her.  (She didn’t have to work very hard…)  Michelle is involved in a number of theatre productions here in the Hills and the class was taught by a fellow theatre friend and a few others she knew were participating.  (Hi Wendy and Shaye!)

Interesting fact – Michelle didn’t even make it through the beginner class that year.  She did fine, but it just wasn’t her thing.  Me?  While I signed up for 1 class, the teacher and a few fellow students convinced me to also take the advanced class.


Beginners Class 2005 – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, by I have no idea except it wasn’t the Animals version.  More disco, but I don’t think it was Santa Esmerlda either.  I’ll have to check.


Advanced Class 2005 – Fishin’ In the Dark, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (YouTube)

I had so much fun, wild horses couldn’t have kept me away from dancing again in 2006.  Funny enough – I really don’t remember what songs we danced to…


Beginners Class 2006 – I do remember making these costumes.  Fleece vests/tails/ears.  And I love the lone, brave male in our pack (down in front, eh?).


Advanced Class 2006 – Something by the Doobie Brothers.  Takin’ it to the streets?  Pretty sure on that one.  I blame my forgetfulness on the fact that I was over 4 months prego with the Boy at the time of the recital.  Plus, I hatedhatedhated this costume.  So not flattering.  Oh, and dancing in heels is a great deal harder than flats.

I took 2007 off after the Boy was born.  At the time, we were still dancing on Sunday nights and Wednesday afternoons – it was just too much after taking 3 months off work.

But I was back in 2008.  We combined the dance times so everything is on Sunday evening, making it much more convenient for the one goofball who has to drive nearly 35 miles each direction to attend class.  2008 was a very awesome fun year for our classes:


Beginners Class – I’ve Got Rythm by Lena Horn & Q-Tip from Take the Lead (Here’s a video from YouTube featuring the music and some classic dance scenes – no Antonio Banderas, sorry.  It is a great movie though!)


Advanced Class – Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, Swing Cats remix of Marilyn Monroe (Again – YouTube here.)

This year…I ain’t tellin’ yet.  Tonite is dress rehearsal and tomorrow is the big show.  You’ll have to wait until Monday to see what we’re dancing to and what we’re wearing.  (Or, if you live in the Hills, you can catch all the action tomorrow night at the civic center.)  I will tell you I like our advanced outfits and dance waaaaaaay more than the beginner’s.  The theme is “At the Movies”.  Feel free to guess, but I bet you won’t get either.  And yes – recital includes all the classes at Prima.  So we dance amongst everyone from kindertap up to high school gals.  And the theater is usually sold out…no pressure!

I’ve got video of the 2008 dances around here some where as well.  If you’re lucky and ask nicely, I’ll post all 4 on Monday.

So that’s the tap story.  Aren’t you glad you asked?