Quite a busy weekend ’round these parts.  My tap recital is coming up next Saturday and so we’ve stepped up rehearsals.

Friday night the Boy and I ventured back to Lowes to get some paint fixed (they mis-tinted 3 gallons) and pick up some more primer.  I really hope I’m done buying paint for awhile.  I won’t embarass myself by telling you how many gallons I’ve bought.  Since they were still having the zero interest for a year deal, we also picked up all the door knobs we could.  We bought ’em out of that style.

After “test driving” all the riding lawn mowers, the Boy and I drove across town to Prima for rehearsals.  One of the other moms has her girls with her on Fridays (I’d guess middle school aged).  They’ve taken a liking to the Boy and vice versa.  The only issue was a certain 2 year old who thought it would be a fun game to run through our formations.  Well, we were working on not looking at the floor and smiling.  I’m not sure he was helping the not looking down part.  He certainly helped a few smiles…and one scowl.

Saturday Josh was off to the first golf tournament of the year.  The Boy and I dropped him off to carpool with his golfing buddy and then we went…to the Circus!  This was the Shriner Circus, and I don’t think I’ve been to a circus in oh, maybe 10 years?  Seems like I went one year while in college…

The Boy was most excited at the prospect of a real, live, elephant.  He couldn’t hardly stay in his seat when they brought two of them in.  And sure enough – you can ride them!  For a mere $8 per person! *chokes*  But he’s 2.  It was the least I could do.  But I wasn’t getting on…


And he even got a front seat.  (Thankfully he was just fine with me standing and watching.)

Shortly after, the show began.  Um, I’m not sure how to say this…how ’bout a picture:


It was definitely not the Greatest Show on Earth.  (It also started at 1 pm, right about nap time.  He almost made it to intermission, and woke up for the finale.)  I’m trying to decide if I’ve just become critical in my old age or if the circus was always this cheasy.  Perhaps I was spoiled by being brought up with the Ringling Brothers.  When I hear the circus is coming to town a big tent, amazing feats, and beautiful animals come to mind.  This one was held in the Civic Center.  There were “trained” tigers, dogs, bears, and elephants.  None of the animal acts lasted more than a few minutes (exception – the trained poodles.  Which was kinda cute.  Except they had died the poor things in pastel colors.  That’s just mean.) and none of the acts was anything “spectacular”.  In fact I was rather glad to see them go.

The human acts…First let me just say I really don’t think thong leotards are appropriate for an event geared towards kids.  I don’t care if you’re wearing flesh colored tights or not.  At least put some stupid feathered accessory on your butt.  And note to parents of girls:  start their training now.  If you’re lucky, your precious little princess could have a future as a professional hoola-hooper:


(Sorry – the actual hoola-hooping photos turned out too blurry.  Hooker boots, spandex, and a bra for a shirt…again:  the kids?  I guess they figure they need something to keep the dad’s in their seat.)

They did have a pretty amazing contortionist, and a few of the aerial acrobats with the ribbons (ala Cirque) were pretty awesome.  One last thought on the circus before we get back to the house.


I too would be tempted to go on a rampage if I had to spend my days carting some half dressed bimbo around on my head, jiggling in time to the music, while I was forced to perform stupid stunts.  (Seriously.  She did nothing but wave her arms and wiggle her chest while the elephants paraded around.  There was a guy walking around directing the act.)

To make up for such a cheesy circus I promptly took the Boy out to a local ice cream shop where we loaded up on a triple peanut butter hot fudge sundae (vanilla ice cream, Reese’s Pieces, pb cubs, peanut butter topping, and hot fudge).  He must have had a swell time though (at least what he didn’t sleep through), and all the animals are definitely what has stuck in his brain.  And the motorcycles.

So what about the house?


Here’s the pile of trim.  It’s all stained and now Josh has begun working on putting on the poly.  It’s going to be a long slow process.  I’d say I’m sorry I’m missing out, but I’m not.  And besides, I have my own long slow painting project.  Yesterday I spent seven hours painting two rooms.  Admittedly, the first room shouldn’t have taken nearly as long as it did.  But I had to take many frequent breaks to play golf, find some puffs, get a second ladder, find a few toy tools…you get the picture.  Thankfully I was rescued by the grandparents.


Here’s the bath.  It looks pretty yellow in this picture.  It’s called “Dry Leaf”, but the pregnant chick has renamed it butterscotch.  And she was seriously tempted to go home and have another sundae.  But alas, she resisted.

officeThe office/guest bedroom is called “Glowing Dune”…but I’ve renamed it caramel.  (What’s that?  Me?  A sweet tooth?  Never!)  It’s rather similar to the color our master bedroom is right now.  A tad more brown, a bit less orangey.

Two rooms down, only elevnty billion more to go.  Or at least that’s what it feels like.  We haven’t even finished priming.  *sigh*

This will be a crazy week.  With the tap recital on Saturday, I’ll be making the trip to the big city last night (4 hours worth – 1 of rehearsal, 3 of costume making), Tuesday (blocking), Friday (dress rehearsal), and Saturday (the show).  I’m hoping to at least get the priming done in there somewhere.  Josh will keep working on the trim.

If you’re lucky, I’ll make Josh video tape dress rehearsal on Friday and then I’ll figure out  how to upload the video to YouTube so you can all watch a bunch of old gals make fools out of themselves.