We got the doors assembled and standing on Wednesday night:



I tihnk they look pretty darn good.  We still need to put up the overhead rails and the openers.  In fact, we still need to buy the openers.  The 12′ ceilings in the garage are giving us pause.  But we’ll tackle it next week.  You know – plan first.  Crazy concept!

The drywallers think they’ll finish hanging this morning.  Then the tapers should start next week. 


Here are the other two arches I was telling you about.  Pardon the blurriness.  My camera batteries were going dead and I couldn’t use a flash.


And here’s the finished living room.  I absolutely love it already.  (Do you think there are enough cable/outlet boxes on that wall?  I count 7.)

We sent the Boy off with Grandma and Grandpa this morning to Redfield.  We’ll be working half days and then following.  A weekend without any work on the house?  *gasp*  Is it possible?  Of course we’ll be back at it on Monday…see you then (well, probably Tuesday).  Have a very Hoppy Easter!