Hurrah!  The sheetrock guys arrived yesterday!

dwmaster dwbonus

Um….on the left is the master bedroom.  On the right is the bonus room.  I take such genius photos you can’t hardly tell the difference.

*shrug*  You get the idea.  They start with the ceilings.  They’ve got most of the 2nd floor done, except the hugemongous foyer.  They can’t get the scaffolding in the house at the moment, so they’re holding off on that.

Outside, the framers are cranking away on the siding.  The back of the house is essentially finished:


(The boy is actually hiding in this picture.  A cookie to those who find him.)

And the garage side is done as well:


Josh picked up the garage doors today.  We’ll be putting them in ourselves, but will wait until they are done with all the drywall in the garage.

Oh – news flash (ha)!  We’re getting more snow.  Starting tomorrow night.  We’ll see what, if anything, we get done this weekend.  The front porch still needs to have the decking put down, but if it’s super windy and blizzarding again that’s going to be hard to accomplish.

If I’m not back on Monday, I probably developed severe cabin fever and escaped to, oh, I don’t know, how’s about Cabo?