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Last week I had the pleasure of working from here:


Okay, not really.  I didn’t actually venture down to the bottom this year (I did do a mule ride to Phantom Ranch last year).


How ’bout here?  This is the El Tovar on the South Rim.  I ate here for lunch one day.  We audited the back of house.  But I’m not special enough to actually stay in this lodge.  (They always put me up in Maswik North, and I’m just fine with that thankyouverymuch.  The rooms might not have a rim view, but they’re really nice and comfy with lots of wildlife that visits.)


We finished up early (miracle) the last day, so I took the NPS free shuttle bus out to here.  This is the arch, the buiding was designed by Mary Colter and built in 1914.  You could stay out here back then and get guided trips into the Canyon.  Now it’s just a gift shop.  I bought some postcards for our office “window wall” then hiked the greenway a little over a mile back to another pick-up spot.


I was lucky enough to spot this guy at one of my stops.  Everyone else was too busy looking at the ravens to notice him.  I kept him my little secret.  (If you want more information on the Condor project, click here.)

It was a great trip – and warm.  But that’s probably enough advertisement for my employers.

While I was away Josh worked hard at getting the trim stained.  I took a couple photos, but they’re nothing to look at.  So let’s check out this instead:


First golfing of the year. 

This was on Thursday afternoon.  It was sunny, it was warm.  Josh and the Boy broke out the golf clubs for a little fun at the property.  Afterwards, we made our first trip of the year to the Diary Twist.  And of course the boy made a friend:


He does love the kitties.  This place also has a couple small friendly yappy-type dogs running around.  (They’re surprisingly quiet.)  These additions make this the Boys favorite place to dine out.

Friday…it snowed.  Saturday?  More snow.  Good grief.  And someone told me yesterday that the Farmer’s Almanac is saying we will get FIVE FEET of snow in early May.  Are you kidding me?!?  I don’t want to hear any of you Chicagoland folks whining about 40 degree weather.  Otherwise I’m shipping you a box car of snow to be dumped in your living rooms.

But anyway.  Friday I picked final paint colors and ran into the Big City to pick up primer and tap class.  Saturday we prepped for priming until somebody had to go play poker and watch the NFL draft.  I’m not naming names.  The Boy and I ran back into the Big City to pick up the final paint (27 gallons worth).  Lowe’s was having an amazing deal and I didn’t want to wait.  I picked up 27 gallons of Olympic Zero VOC paint.  It was cheaper than the Sherwin William’s stuff and gets good reviews.  Plus there was a $5/gallon rebate.  Talk about a steal.

Sunday Josh’s parents joined us back at the property.  Josh and his dad worked on staining while his mom and I primed the whole second floor.  Those paint sprayers sure are nifty.  But being rookies, there are some spots that are going to need touch up.  I ain’t complaining.  We painted 1300 square feet in about 3 hours.  Do you even want to guess how long that would take with a roller?  (Guess I’ll find out when I do the final painting…)

Yesterday I did a bit of housekeeping (i.e. sweeping up drywall dust), but mostly took the night off.  Tonite we have a big town hall meeting to attend.  For the rest of the week I think Josh will be working on getting the poly on the trim now that it’s all stained.  I’ll be staying away from that process as we had to go with a non-water based product.  We went with such a dark trim we just couldn’t match it with any of the water based stuff.  I was dissappointed…and yet happy to get out of the work. *smirk*

So that’s where we are.  I’m ordering the last few lights this week and nailing down our dual flush toilets.  This weekend Josh will be participating in the first golf tourney of the season while I keep chugging away on painting.  Anybody wanna come help?

As if we didn’t have enough to do…we’ve under taken another huge project:


Kidlet #2 is now officially “under construction.”  He or she is expected to arrive around October 27th.  Here’s hoping the kid is more prompt than this house project has been!

Told ya – total gluttons for punishment.

We survived our trip to Redfield – Pheasant Capital of the World! 


Not kidding.  We saw more of the suckers than I could count while driving out there and back.  Luckily they opted not to fly in front of our car.  Over it sometimes, barely, but we didn’t take any out.  I did want to stop to take some pictures for you, but on the way out, I was all “Dude – we’re nearly there, don’t stop” and on the way back it was “Yeesh, we’ve got how many hours?  No, we ain’t stoppin’.”  I didn’t even take a picture of the huge pheasant statue they have downtown.  Maybe in August.

But!  We did take pictures.  In fact my niece took enough to run through two sets of batteries on my camera.  I can usually make a set last a couple weeks!  The charger will be working overtime.  It probably didn’t help that she also took a ton of video – that seems to help the batteries along.

eggsColoring Easter eggs with the cousins

lunchHaving lunch after his hair cut.

basketFinding his basket (Josh’s family has a tradition of hiding the baskets).

boysGoofy boys.

oldredUh, I think you’re supposed to be finding eggs kiddo.

It was a fast trip.  Nice to see everyone, but I think we’re all glad to be back home in our own beds.  In fact the boy fell asleep at 6 o’clock last night.  I was a bit worried he’d wake up at 4 ready to go for the day, but he slept right through until almost 6:30.  Plum tuckered out I’d say.

We stopped out at the property last night.  Of course they weren’t working over the weekend, but there was some action yesterday.  The siding is nearly finished:



And they finished hanging the drywall on Friday.  The drywallers were there yesterday prepping to start taping.  (Drywallers?  Is that what they’re called?  Doesn’t seem quite right…)


First glance at the kitchen area.   Makes me drool.  They will not tape/texture fast enough for me I suspect. 

We’re picking up our fridge today, although it’ll be stashed at the campground with the flooring for awhile longer.  It was a steal of a deal that we couldn’t pass up, but it meant we had to get it now and find a place to store it.  We’re also trying to finish up the garage doors.  Josh hung the top tracks last night, but we need some more angle iron to finish it off and make it stable before it will really be done.  That and install the openers.

The weather is also bee-you-ti-ful.  In the mid-50s for a few days.  Heck, our grass is even greening up!  I’m guessing we’ll be working on decking again this week.  We still need to finish putting the front down.  And do all the railing.  And the steps.  And the whole deck on the back of the house.  Just a bit left!  *smirk*  I’m hoping to take the Boy to Bear Country on Saturday for this and have lunch with a dear friend I haven’t seen in far too long.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!