So what have we been up to out at the house for the last week?

First of all, we put in all the plumbing.  Even with using the Pex system, it’s a big project.  We got it all done over the weekend so the inspector could approve us before the drywall guys were slated to arrive (Wednesday).  Of course nothing around here goes off like planned.  For exhibit A I give you this.  And here‘s Exhibit B.  That delayed everybody.  The plumbing inspector showed up on Wednesday, the drywall guys won’t start until next week.  Anywho.  The inspector asked us to move a few things (a bit of an ordeal, but probably worthwhile in the long run).  Still – a pain after everything was done.

I snapped this picture Wednesday afternoon:


But on Thursday the guys were back inside.  They needed to fix the stairs (apparently they weren’t done correctly the first time for the way we want them finished).  Plus we have a couple walls that need to be “adjusted” – they’re 2×4 when they need to be 2×6.

But really, what’s all this whining about “the worst job ever”?  It’s simple:


Oy.  This stuff is horrible!

I’m going to be brutally honest here.  (Which I’m sure Josh is *so* going to appreciate.)  I did not want this stuff.  I reallyreallyreallyreally thought we should do the spray in foam insulation.  Even at a 3″ depth (which works out to an R value about the same as the batt).  The problem was holy canoli’s batman have you seen what that stuff costs?  I’ll tell you.  About 3 times as much as the batt.  Installed.  Josh and I argued long and hard over it.  And then sniped a little longer.  In the end…we went with batt.  Don’t worry – I’ll hold it over him every time the wind blows or the temperature drops below zero.

To save ourselves even more moolah, we put it all in ourselves.  The advantage to this was that we also went through more cans of that spray in crack filler than probably any other house in history.  Because dammit.  If I can’t have foam, you better believe I filled in any place I even *thought* I felt air come through.  We also got this:


Because if we’ve got to use batt insulation, I prefer it not to constantly pollute my lungs while I live here.

At least last weekend the weather was in the high 60’s.  We spent Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday all day working on the plumbing and insulation.  Monday we went back out in.the.blizzard and worked on insulation.  Ditto Tuesday.  Yeesh.  Wednesday Josh worked on moving the plumbing.  Same for last night while I did some minor chores and ran five more lines of coax.  (Because, you know, it might help to actually run the cables you need to go from the media center to the *gasp* satellite! Duh.)

This weekend we will have the joy!  The fun!  The excitment!  of putting in the decking for the porch.  Or at least the framing for it.  Because the high is supposed to be mid-40s on Sunday.  Don’t you all want to come join us and lend a hand?  I know you don’t.

So go forth and have a wonderful weeknd full of warmth and frivolous activities.  Somebody ought to.  Oh yeah one more thing…wanna be our neighbor?

neighbor(This sign appeared on our fence line a couple days ago.)