I had every intention of posting a great entry for you folks on Monday.  But then, oh golly, lucky us.  We got hit with a spring blizzard.  The advantage:  2 days off work (basically – closed at 10:30 on Monday, never opened on Tuesday), and lots of time to get stuff done on the house.  The disadvantage?  No internet at home and lots of working at the house in the freezing cold.  Gah.  Did I mention it was nearly 80 on Sunday?  So. Not. Fair.

So I have a good deal to show you.  But I also have no time right now.  As Annie would say, “Tomorrow!  Tomorrow!”  And that damn sun better come out tomorrow too.  Oh, but that’s right.  You’re always a day away.  (Feels like it lately.)

Until I can get some time to write up all our craziness from the past week, here’s a picture to tide you over.


This is the view out one of the master bedroom windows *after* the snow stopped falling.  I took it right before I covered up the last window with plastic.  No views for a month or so until the drywall guys are done and the painting is finished.  (And yes, I wish I had taken a picture when the snow was falling – but really it would just look like a green and white striped blur thanks to the mass amounts of snow and wind.  You didn’t miss anything. Except copious amounts of Hot Chocolate – thanks for the Frango Hot Chocolate Mixes Mom!)

Now – I’m back off into the cold to help Josh finish moving some plumbing, run a few cables we forgot, and see what else that slave driver is going to make me do.