(Anybody else an SK fan?)

Thanks so much for sticking with us.  We’re hitting crazy time ’round these parts.  It’s the time of year where work is picking up in preparation for the tourist season.  And on top of that, uh, I think there might be a major construction project happening in our life.  I keep meaning to get a post up, but since I typically do them at the end of my work day?  Not so successful lately.  Heck, we’ve been so busy at the property that I keep forgetting to take pictures out there.  That’s when you know I’m busy.

To start, let me remedy a photo error from a previous post:


The shingles.  You can see them easily now.  Or at least you’d be able to if I hadn’t made the photo so small. *sigh*

The guys also have some siding going up:

sidingback(Really.  Are my pictures normally this small?  Or did I screw something up?)

We went with the Iron Gray color.  We’re very happy with it.  Depending on the light it looks either bluish or greenish.  Just depends.  I like color chameleons.


The front door has also been installed.  As has the door from the garage to the backyard.  We ordered the garage doors and they should be here in another, oh, week or so.

Josh and I were out on Tuesday afternoon to work through some lighting placement.  Turns out everything was happening at once on Tuesday – the tinners were there putting in the ductwork, the electricians were wiring fools, the roofers were doing their thing, and of course our trusty framers were also bustin’ out some work.  The electricians took Wednesday and Thursday off to let the tinners get their work finished, but they’ll be back on Friday to complete their tasks.  Josh and our good friend Mr. Plumbing Expert were at the site yesterday putting in much of the drain piping.  We’ll be working on the supply over the weekend. (See?  I forgot to take pictures last night.)


Last weekend we were pretty productive running nearly all of the coax and Cat5 cable.  We’re home theatre geeks.  The amount of cable we ran is a bit unnerving.  But we’re taking the run-extra-now-so-we-have-it-when-we-change-our-mind approach.  Because I tend to like to rearrange furniture.  And I’m only willing to pay Directv so much.  That means multiple tvs run off of single receivers. *shrug*  “Hi, my name is B and I’m a TV/Movie addict.  I’m at least trying *not* to pass the habit on to the Boy.”  My husband is just as bad, but his addiction revolves around sports.  And hi?  Did you know it’s March?  Do you know what that means?  24-7 basketball games for a month.  (For the record I picked Memphis vs Syracuse in the final game with Memphis for the win.  My spouse, the braver of the two of us,  picked Pitt vs. Michigan State with Pitt winning.  Oh yeah!  I need to go check who Obama picked…BRB.  Huh, Louisville vs UNC with UNC for the win.)

This week we’ve also been trying to finish off running all the speaker wire.  I grew up in a house with speakers wired throughout.  I always thought it was cool (even though we didn’t use it much).  I also love to entertain.  So I knew I wanted speakers at least in a few key areas – the formal dining room, and all through the covered porch.  We also like the sleek in-ceiling speakers for the surround sound in the front room and we’re going with wall mounted in the bonus room.  And just because we can, we’re running in wall jacks for all the front speakers as well.  Might as well eliminate as many visible wires as we can!  Unfortunately the last couple evenings it’s been darn near impossible to get anything done.  The boy went from happy-go-lucky-make-a-mess-playing-with-everything to demanding to be held at every moment.  I’m sure it’s a temporary 2-year old thing and probably related to the fact that we’re out there round-abouts dinner time, but yeesh.  He didn’t even want to sit on the forklift last night.  What the heck is up with that?

There is one guy who can keep the Boy occupied:


Give a big warm hello to Justin – he belongs to Framer Al.  He’s a great puppy – very gentle and friendly with the boy.  Even if he isn’t that into the Boy’s favorite dog game of fetch.  He’s more a tug-of-war puppy and that doesn’t work so well with the small people.  (And yes I’m aware he’s not *really* a puppy, but all dogs are puppies to me unless they are obnoxious and need to go away.)

What the heck else?  Um, just found out Lowe’s is having a sale on the decking we want to install, so we’ll probably pick that up this weekend and maybe start that project if we have time.  (Grandma & Grandpa are taking the Boy on Sunday so we should be able to make some significant progress on a few projects.) Our hardwood flooring should be arriving today.  It’s 2 pallets worth, so we’re stashing it at the Campground for a bit until we’re ready for it at the house.

We’re also having an open house this weekend for the house we’re living in at the moment (and trying to sell).  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and we’ve had a number of people pick up flyers from the front yard so I’m hoping for a good turnout.  If you know anybody interested in a great 2K square foot house in a wonderful neighborhood for a steal of a price, send them our way:

listing(I’d link to the listing, but, uh, I really don’t want to tell the whole world exactly what our address is…you can always email me if you’re interested.)

That brings me to the end of todays updates.  I doubt there will be much news tomorrow, so I’ll probably be back on Monday with an update on the weekend progress.  I will say it’s nice to finally see some distinct progress being made.  We’re feeling impatient to get done and get in it.  Especially since we just got an email for our mortgage guy saying rates are at 4.5%.  Holy low interest Batman, sign us up!  I think we’re close enough we’ll be able to lock in, but we’ve gotta make the call to confirm.  It’s a bit crazy thinking it was over 6.5% when we started the shenanigans.

Have a great weekend everybody.  Hopefully the sun will be shining, the weather will be warm, and we can enjoy the implication spring just might be here.