The guys have started putting the shingles on the roof.  I’d post a picture, but, uh, you can’t really see them in any of the ones I took.  Black tar paper + black shingles = not so great photos.  *shrug*  Once they get to the porch roof I’ll be able to get a better shot.  In the meantime, we’re looking at a few days of this:


(Sorry Abe and Teddy – those trees sure are pesky back in the employee parking lot.  And no, that’s not static or crap on my window.  It’s snow coming down like crazy.

Brrr!  Fortunately, the guys started putting the windows in last week.


They’ve got all the ones on the first floor done, and half the second floor as well.  Here’s the new view of the kitchen:


(Can you tell this is my favorite part of the house?  No? Hmm…I’ll have to work on that.)

We’ve also already remodeled a bathroom.  When the guys finished framing up all the walls, we took one look at it and said, uh, there’s no way that’s going to work out.  The first floor bath contained both a standard full bath plus the laundry room.  It looked pretty good on paper, providing a separation to the laundry so it could be “hidden”.  But when the walls went up, it amounted to the washer and dryer being shoved in the space of a closet with hardly room to turn around betwixt the two (there’s a window in that wall, so each faced the center of the “closet” area – get it?).  So we made the executive decision to ditch the shower that was in the bathroom, ditch the wall separating the laundry, put them where the shower was and open the whole thing up.

Oh yeah, one little tidbit of note?  THIS WAS (nearly) MY PLAN IN THE BEGINNING!  (And then my hubby and the builder talked me out of it.)  See, I was right as usual.  *smirk*  The original plan still had a full bath in it, but that had to get changed when we needed space for the chase for the duct work.  The idea began with a picture I clipped out of some magazine, although I can’t remember which one and I can’t find it online.  Since my files are at home you’re out of luck.  But it was bright and sunny and had rollered barn-type doors in front of the washer & dryer to hide them away.  It was sleek and a bit funky and totally our style.

The whole point of the story of remodeling the bath amounts to us saving a bit of money by getting rid of the shower, but a total pain in the gluteus maximus because we’d already bought the durn thing.  So Saturday we hauled it back into the Big City to return it.  While there we also picked up the Congoleum flooring for that bath and the mudroom since a local shop was having a phenomenal sale on the stuff.  I’m pretty sure it’s this pattern.  It should look like slate but also match the hardwood flooring that’s going in.

Josh went out to the property yesterday amidst all the snow.  The guys have put the stairs into the basement.  We also found out they’re going to have to tear out and re-do the stairs to the second floor.  I guess the first guys didn’t put ’em in at the right height or something (I admit I wasn’t paying total attention to what the exact story was).  The front door and french doors are also waiting to be installed.  I’m hoping those go in soon just because I can’t wait to see them *in*.

Hopefully the weather is breaking and it’ll be warm enough soon to get back out and take pictures without major frostbite!