We’re enjoying another round of balmy weather, taunting us with thoughts of spring. The guys slowed down a bit last week while one of them took a much deserved vacation to enjoy some snowmobiling in the Big Horns.

But…the porch roof is coming along.


The boys on the side of the house.


Eventually we’ll be putting in composite decking…but there are a lot of other things that need to be done first.  We met with our builder this morning and it sounds like shingles should be going on today.  The siding has also arrived on site.  Hurrah!

Meanwhile, we’ve brought in two of the tubs and the third should be delivered later this week (cross your fingers).  Once the guys finish the porch roof they’ll head back inside to finish off the last few walls inside that need to be done.  The geothermal guys will hopefully be around this week to mark ducting locations and then we can start on the plumbing.

In other news…a big conga-rats to the local boys basketball team (of which hubby is assistant coach).  They were successful in their efforts to defeat our dread rival for the third time in one season!  (The last win before this was something like early 2000? Sorry honey, looks like I already purged that bit of trivia.)  Let’s just say it’s been a loooooong time since they beat them, and no one can remember us beating them 3 times in one season.  In fact, most of the time I’ve lived here they’ve thoroughly trounced us.   Last night was the first game of districts and yeowzers was there a crowd.  The boy spent much of the game like this:


Seriously.  My ears were ringing by the time I made it home.  (Oh hush you detail people.  Yes, this is really from Friday night’s game.  It was also packed and loud.  Same diff.)  I arrived just about 6 pm when the doors opened.  There was a line winding around the building waiting to get in.  For a town of 750ish people…I think over half were in attendance.

Next game is on Thursday against the team we lost by a smidge to on Friday.  They are the 3 point kings – I swear they shoot half of them from nearly half court…and don’t miss a-one.  Our boys will have to play their hearts out…but they can do it.  If you think of it on Thursday night around, oh, 6ish mountain time – give a hearty “Let’s Go Rangers!” for ’em.  We’ve got a great group of boys playing their Senior season; we’d all like to see them pull off the win and keep moving toward State.