The guys are moving along swimmingly.  The roof has been tar-papered.  The shingles should arrive on Thursday.  Of course we’re supposed to get a nice snow storm tonight.  Gah.  Couldn’t it wait another week?  What if I said pretty please?  With sugar on top?  *sigh*


They’ve also started the supports for our covered porch.  (Sorry – the photo is a bit blurry.  I was holding a squirming 2 year old at the time who reallyreallyreally wanted to play on the forklift you see at the corner of the house.  Sitting in massive amounts of mud. Uh-huh.  Sorry kid, no play today.)


And here, my friends, is my bee-you-ti-ful kitchen bump-out.  Major pain in the hindquarter is what that was.  But it’s going to be so worth it all in the long run.


See?  This is what you’ll see when you come into the kitchen/living room.  I’m quite sure I shall squeal with delight when it’s all finished.

That’s all folks.  It’s late and I’ve got to go pick up the Boy before heading to the Big City to see one of my friends in Everybody Loves Opal (the Boy will be going to basketball practice with “the boys” – always a highlight for him).  I’m torn between praying the snow misses us and hoping for a snow day tomorrow.  Decisions. Decisions.