I’ve returned from a nice jaunt to sunny Death Valley.  I did not say *warm* Death Valley, as the highs hardly hit 60 while I was there.  And lows were in the low 30’s.  I think they knew I was coming…  But at least the sun was shining and there was no threat of snow.  We also had a great weekend hanging out with Josh’s family.

While I was gone, our builder switched out our framing crew.  We were a bit skeptical at first.  Would they be as good as the guys we have?  Would they have a lag time to catch up?  We never should have doubted:


Wow.  What a sight to behold.  The garage is up and all the roof rafters are on.  And last week?  The weather was not that great here in the Hills.

garageHere’s the garage.  (When I say that in my head, I say it with a British pronunciation:  “Gare-edge”  Too much BBC America I guess.)


The guys also cleaned out the scaffolding in the foyer, so you can get a good look of what the entry will look like from the second floor hallway.

We talked to the guys yesterday, they’re plugging away at the roof details and trying to get the sheeting up as fast as possible.  We will probably get some more snow this week, and if so, they’ll work on finishing off the interior walls.  It’s been great seeing some major progress take place.

We also put our house on the market…which means now we really have to keep the dang thing clean.  Try that with a 2 year old!  It’s a never ending process.

Finally, here’s a shot from my trip last week:


While I had 3 jam packed days of work, I was fortunate enough to be able to sneak in a good hike during my trip – Golden Canyon.  Parts of the original Star Wars were filmed here (*knock-knock* Hey cuz?  Hello?  Yeah you, the Star Wars fanatic!  This thing on?)!  This is the first time in 4 years of traveling to Death Valley that I’ve seen anything besides the operation and the scenery flying by the car window.  A great big thanks to all my comrades at Furnace Creek and Stovepipe for a great trip.  You always make me feel welcome and part of the family.