It’s been in the upper 50’s, near 60’s here nearly all week.  I’m so happy for the warm weather – not so happy for the accompanying mud.  But the warm weather has mant some great progress has been made on the house!  To start…

stairsNo more climbing a rickety ladder to the second floor!  It’s nice that the boy can finally come up top, but a vigilant eye is still a must.  He’s a bit of a dare devil and would love nothing more than jumping around on these suckers.  There are plenty of other ways to keep him occupied however:


This is completely off topic, but I love the look of this image (well, except that I totally blew out his face – he looks like a ghost.  He may have been sick the last couple days, but not that sick).  I’m having a great time playing around with a free action I downloaded for PS Elements.  It’s a “vintage” look meant to mimic a snapshot that’s been hanging around in a box for a few decades.  It’s so much fun!  (Thanks Rita over at CoffeShop!)  But alas, playing with my photos is just making me frustrated with my point-and-shoot and leaving me dreaming of owning a DSLR camera (The Nikon D90 to be exact) and hi, have you seen this blog?  Budget is not around to buy that kind of a toy at the moment. *sigh*  Digression over, let’s get back to the house…

The rafters have started to go up (this was Wednesday):


Here’s the view greeting us Thursday afternoon :


The big empty section at the front right is where the garage will be.  The completed section of the garage houses the workshop with the bonus room above it.  The section to be completed contains the car stalls (2 of ’em) and storage above.  It won’t be quite as tall as the rest of the house, giving it a bit more architectural character.  In addition, the dormer on the front (over the foyer) will be mirrored by a similar feature on the back.  They have just started these areas, so we’ll have to wait a bit for better pictures. (Is dormer the right word for that?  It’s not truly a dormer in the sense that it’s basically dead space – the trusses were needed to help support the massive load…)

It’s incredibly windy today, so I’m not sure if the guys will be able to get anything done. (Cross your fingers for us – it all depends on which direction the wind is coming from.)  Next week I’ll be off to sunny Death Valley – a very awesome place to visit ’round about this time of year.  So unless Josh takes some pictures (memo to self:  take old camera home today) I probably won’t have an update until the 23rd or so.