Well hello again.  Has it really been that long?  Why yes, yes it has.  It was a busy week last week.  I was off on bid’ness here:

lobby(Grand Canyon Railway, Williams AZ)

While Josh was galavanting around here:

capitalpierre(That’s Pierre – our capital.  Correctly pronounced Peeeer. *shrugs*  Oh, and the weather was NOT this nice.)

The boy was summarily spoiled rotten at Grandma and Grandpa’s while we were gone.

So where were we?  Oh yes, getting somewhere.  Be brave, here’s how you get there:


And here’s the view before I left on Tuesday:

beforeHere’s what it looked like upon our return (uh, except from the other end):

masterThis is standing in the Master bedroom looking down the house.  I’ve labeled a few things for you so you can line it up with the map in your head. (What?  You haven’t memorized our house plans?  For shame…)

We’ve come to realize this is going to be a big house.  Yes, it’s got some decent square footage to it, but the height is what gets us.

backBut now that I look at that photo – it tells you nothing.  There is no frame of reference, is there?  How’s’about this?

sideTall.  (Not the hubby – the house.  Sorry Babe.)

And since it’s cold as crap and snowy out, I’m sure not much progress will be made the next, er, week.  So here’s a few more pictures for you:


The quilt I made for my Sister-in-Law for Christmas.  It’s a good thing she’s patient.  She finally received it January 17th.  And I had to borrow my Mother-in-laws sewing machine to finish it.


The Boy and Horton he received from my Uncle for Christmas.  Horton talks.  “Hellllooooo!”  I can’t wait until the battery starts dying and he goes off in the middle of the night.  Otherwise – he’s an awesome stuffed elephant.


Doesn’t this look fake?  Well not fake, but like a toy train?  I swear it is not.  But it freaks me out all the same.  My mind cannot reconcile this with the fact that it’s a real train.  (Yes, I did bring home lots of train goodies for the Boy. But I’d much rather take him with and go for a ride.  Maybe next time.)