I’m not going to comment on our weather.  I’m too afraid of jinxing it.  Let’s just say it’s been good to us this week.

secondstoryThey’ve put up most of the second story floor joists.  The area to the right of the boy will be the bonus room on the second floor, so a few more garage walls need to go up and then that area will get joists as well.  You can see one of the garage walls laying on the concrete to the left of the boy.

kitchenThe kitchen is finally starting to come together.  The missing wall will be identical to the other two.  They left it off for the moment to make it a bit easier to get the trusses up to the top.  And check out that beam!

beam1Thanks to my wacky bump-out on one floor but not the other, we have this gargantuan hanging around.  I almost wish there was a way we could leave it exposed.

dishesHere’s the view if you’re fortunate enough to be doing dishes at the kitchen sink.  (Wait, fortunate?  Dishes?  Those words don’t mix.  Besides…we have a dishwasher.)

banquetThis side will get a banquet and kitchen table.  For most family meals.  And doing homework.  And playing games.

It’s supposed to stay nice today, so hopefully more work will be done and I’ll have more pictures for you tomorrow.  Provided I can get out of here early enough to take pictures.  There’s a basketball game tonite that someone will need to go coach: