Sorry folks.  It’s been a bit crazy.  As you might have heard, we got a bit of snow out here last week.


That’s the front of our house on Thursday afternoon.  We probably got a foot and a half, but the snow meant lots of huge drifts.  Luckily I got my boss on the last flight out of town Wednesday evening.   Before he left we made a trip out to the property.  They’ve got the radon system installed, but I only got one super crappy pic of it – so you’re out of luck.  They were laying down tarps and have since shoveled out all the snow in hopes of a concrete floor some day soon.

In the meantime…this is my current life:


But it snowed here as well.  No sunny warm high life.  Just lots of meetings on Risk Management.

I’ll be back to town on Friday and hope to have a good long update for your Monday!