We’re having a bit of an “air quality issue” here in the Hills.  Unless you work for the US Forest Service, in which case we are doing just-fine-thank-you-very-much-EPA?-No-we’re-fine-really.  But you know how much I believe what they tell me.  I’m not sure what the logic is, seeing as how moisture levels have absolutely plummeted lately, but the boys at USFS are doing a major prescribed burn.  See?

Not clouds.  And mucho stinky.  I feel for anybody with asthma.  Last night that “cloud” filled the sky on my way out to the site.  And gave things an eeire orange glow to go with it.

But you didn’t stop by to see our weather conditions now did you?

Meet Doug.  He’s our well driller.  He’s a hillbilly, but we love him.  He’s helping us save big bucks – who wouldn’t love him?  He’s precariously perched on the side of our hill putting in our second well.  Didn’t stick around though to find out how it went.  The boy did not like all that noise.  Somewhere I have a picture of his big ol’ truck belching out black smoke.  It caught me as rather humorous that the most environmental part of our construction (the geothermal) was put in with a machine that stinky.  But I seem to have misplaced that one, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

Let’s get to the good part:


(So here’s something to ponder while you read the rest of this post.  I am an engineer by education.  A civil engineer at that – I took soils and concrete and those fun classes.  Yet why do I still screw up and call concrete cement half the time?  Sheesh.)

And to ease your imagination, being that it is Friday (thank goodness), I put this together:

The lines are nowhere near straight – or acurate – but you get the picture.  Oy – this makes me twitchy to get moving.  A floor!  Basement walls!  Framing!  The sooner the better!  And while I really doubt I need to ask this of any of you, keep wishing for the snow to stay away for awhile longer, would you?  (It kills me to say that.  I love snow.)

Again, for those out there interested in something in our lives OTHER than this house:

Hey Mom, what’s this lever do?

And here’s one of those pictures my husband is annoyed by but that I love to take.

There won’t be anything new for a few days – we’re heading to Denver tomorrow morning for the Broncos game.  Let’s see if they can redeem themselves after last week.  We’ll be swinging by Home Depot before heading home – I have a few things I want to check out and a few things I know I want to buy.  We’re also planning a side trip here tomorrow on the way down.  Hey honey, I’m planning to bring home at least 6 pumpkins.  Fair warning.  : )